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    Charging batteries in Eastern Europe

    I have a chance to travel to CZ (Paternal Grandfather 's birth place) and SK (Maternal Grandfather's birth place) this fall. If I do, and I will can take a camera, I'm concerned about recharging batteries. Anybody know what I should get for a plug-in power adapter?
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    Haida 100mm frame fail

    My Haida 100 mm filter frame fell apart. The knurled brass knob came off and it and the spring disappeared into the grass at my feet never to be seen again. Pix is of what I have left. I sent an email (a week ago) to the company asking if pieces, repair parts, we're available. No joy so far...
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    Post your D850 photos here

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    Sensor Crop feature altered

    We went for a bird watching boat ride this morning. If I was birding allot I'd have purchased a 150 - 600 zoom. But my Tamron 70-200 G2 with APSC Cropping set will have to do (cheap electronic zoom). That setting lasted for 70% of the trip. Then on the way back the camera was set on a square...
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    Image in the mirror does not mach image in the file

    Here's the building shot with the Tamron G2
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    Image in the mirror does not mach image in the file

    Here's the overall shot.
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    Image in the mirror does not mach image in the file

    (See if I can do this ... ) Here's a composite. The overall shot (with a 14-24 Zoom) and the same building (pasted over) but shot with a Tamron 70-200/2.8. Not very pretty but no real distortion to my eye.
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    Formula 1 race photographers

    I'm watching F1 in Singapore this weekend. How do the Photographers submit their images? Anybody know? We're I there I'd use a double SD card camera, D5?, and dupe med Rez jpegs to each card. One set gets turned in, other set is mine to prove I'm the Photog. Set the date/time via GPS on site...
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    Camera Manuals.

    Do you have a good, usable camera manual? None of my Nikon manuals pass that test. Recently picked up a camera to carry on a quick trip (Fuji, not Nikon) and I had to struggle to reset the diaphragm to find. (Use the Iris ring, dummy! Duh.) Reflecting on Cameras and Manuals I've had I am...
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    External LCD panel for D850

    The tilting (only) LCD on my 850 is nice as far as it goes, I trust LCDs not for _anything_!, but leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to ease my a 72 year old aching back. Has anyone used, attached, an external LCD panel ( from SmallRig?) to an 850? and how is the utility of it?
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    Live View, "SL1" Showing

    I hate, hate, hate User Manuals. Why - because they never list what I need to know. Case in point - my D850, on a tripod, Live View engaged ... " SL1" on the screen up against the left edge, and in the middle. My printed User Manual says - nothing. Nor is there a Live View screen shot to...
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    Amazon has D850s

    Amazon is advertising D850 bodies for 2 day delivery. WTF? Where was that when I was looking! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    AF-C set AF-S shows

    I set my D850 to AF-C and hit Liveview. Hmm, the LCD says I'm using AF-S. I can't find a setting to account for this. Any and all help gratefully accepted. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Nikon Memory Banks

    My D850 has a "My Menu" tab on the Menu List. I've read several reviews that maintain that Nikon has not done us any favors keeping this as an option. Have you used them at all? What's involved in setting them up, labeling, saving, and then using it? (PS: Yes I hate user manuals [emoji2]) Sent...
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    My D850 is here. Battery is charging. Waiting patiently [emoji854][emoji854]. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk