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    Vintage razors

    Anyone else collect and shave with vintage razors?
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    IR without LPF

    A few more.
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    IR without LPF

    Here are a few test shots in my yard with the newly converted point and shoot.
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    Vacation time

    Camera,travel tripod & filters are packed. Next stop Paris.
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    B&W film scans

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    B&W film scans

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    B&W film scans

    Spent a morning on the streets with the new to me Zeiss Contina. I think I have found my favorite camera for my street photography. Slow morning, not too many people out and about. Although there was a time trial for a bicycle race.
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    Garage sale find

    Stopped by a garage sale this morning. Picked up a Zeiss Contina 1A $10 and mint condition, it is like new even had the owners manual in the hard shell case. Funny thing is, I have been looking for this exact model for quite some time. Exactly what I wanted for my street photography.
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    Photographer's Hats?

    These are what covers my baldness.
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    B&W film scans

    Ilford HP5 plus is a 400 speed film. These two shots were pushed to 800
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    B&W film scans

    Here are some more scans from today. No work done in lightroom yet. Straight off the negatives. Test roll to see how the film and developer matched up. Grain structure suitability is very subjective, but this combo is just what I was looking for. Will work nicely for gritty street photography...
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    Beach / lighthouse photography - suggested lens

    Re: Beach / lighthouse photography - suggested lense
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    B&W film scans

    A couple of mud puddle reflection shots.
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    B&W film scans

    Had a week off of work, and dusted off the N80. Shot with Ilford HP5 plus, and developed with Rodinal. ,,,, ,,
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    Ilfosol 3 developer?

    Time to buy more developer. Have any of you used ilford ilfosol 3?
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    Post Your Infrared Shots

    Here are a couple from today. Both shot at iso 100, f5.6, 20 second shutter speed with a Hoya R72filter. My D7100 takes 4 times longer shutter speeds to get the same exposure as my D40. Just shows you how much the filters over the sensors have changed.
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    Cube card reader for Iphone

    Do any of you use the cube? Any thoughts fo far, down sides?