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    Light reduction when using ZTF adaptor

    Hi All, I'm not sure it is an important question, but more out of interest really - But if the Z mount lets in around 1/3rd more light to the sensor than the F-Mount, then is there a trade-off when using F-mount lens with the adaptor, that you are reducing the amount of light hitting the sensor...
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    Sigma 150-600 C - OS motor issues

    Hi All, My Sigma 150-600 C is currently off with Sigma as I somehow managed to get some fungus growing inside, so I thought I'd have it properly removed before it got too bad. While reassembling and testing the lens, they reported that the OS motor needs replacing. This is the second time this...
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    B700 - Scratched from element

    Hi all, My wife has accidentally scratched the front element of her B700 lens. I have cleaned with with a lens brush and lens pen, but it is significant mark that can be seen through the EVF and shows in her shots (The amount depends on the aperture of course) - It is like a 2mm (0.07") x 1mm...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Hi All, It has been ages since I last posted - Sorry about that & I hope you are all well! Just to update on my latest purchases, I went FX and traded the D7100 in & I also traded my Sigma 8-16mm & Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX lenses. Here's what I have acquired recently:- I'm not sure why the 80-200...
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    Custom Lens pouch

    Hi All, Its been a long time since I last posted - I hope you're all well! When I was recently carrying my Sigma 150-600 in it's black pouch, I hit on an idea - The side pouches from my old Army backpack are about 150-600 size, and have an attachable yoke meaning I could have a mini back pack...
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    Nikonites Calendar

    The winners from each monthly competition! I'd buy that, @jdeg can use the proceeds to help with his costs of the site!
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    Sigma 24-105 f4 Art

    Well I as you may know, I recently bought a Sigma 24-105 f4 Art lens. I had considered a Nikon 24-120, but after hearing and reading great things about the Sigma "Art" range, and owning a 150-600 C already, I decided to give the Art a go. Now, the lens arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and as luck...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    And an impulse buy for my wife as it's our anniversary this week... She wanted "Something light, and easy to use that takes better photos than my phone for when we are at the wildlife reserves"... The new B700 bridge - First day playing with it today, it looks very good so far!
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    Post your latest purchases.

    On order... Delivery day can't come soon enough! A Sigma 24-105 f4! :D
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    Sigma 24-105 f4 ART or Nikon 24-120 f4?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a fairly compact "Walk around" lens, and I'm intrigued by these two lenses. Has anyone got experience of either or both, and if so, what do you think of them? They both seem pretty similar in terms of price, and while the Nikon has a bit more length, I hear nothing but...
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    Need Camera and Lenses

    @Blacktop - Wouldn't it make more sense to replace the 7100 with the D500, then you would still have a crop and a full frame? I'm thinking of shifting on my 70-200 f2.8 to fund a 200-500 f5.6. I'm shooting much more wildlife now and the 200 is just too short. Having said that, I am in the UK so...
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    Lens info has disappeared!

    Hi All! At some point at the back-end of March (26th - 31st), my lens info appears to have stopped being recorded in the EXIF info of my shots. It no longer appears in the Loupe info in Lightroom, or when images are posted up in Flickr - It records the focal length of the shot, but not what lens...
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    Article: So, Tsu Me: Why Facebook Is Terrified of This Virtually Unknown Competitor

    Yeah, I'll give it a go and sign up! @Steve_Hillyer
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    York Busker - Dave Pilla

    Thanks @Pretzel! It's my first go at a triptych, so I'm glad it got spotted - Although maybe I should put a black border around them in future as it looks like 3 separate images when posted here!
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    York Busker - Dave Pilla

    Here's a few shots I took the other week of a busker in York, called Dave Pilla. He always attracts quite a large audience, so if you music buffs fancy checking him out, have a look here:- » Dave Pilla | Musician ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    Your advice for DSLR for birding

    As @mikew says, the crop sensor models are best suited to wildlife, particularly birds because they have a cropped sensor. Without going into all the hows and whys, a crop sensor multiplies the lens's focal length by 1.5 times, giving you better reach. Currently, the D7200 is at the top of the...
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    Copyright Infringment & animals!

    I was debating which area to post this under, but O/T seems to be most appropriate! We've all seen the "Selfie" taken by the monkey in Indonesia? Well now PETA are saying he is owed damages as he fired the shutter and therefore owns the copyright.... Oh, but also as he's a monkey, give us the...
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    How to change focus from manual to auto? Why can't I figure this out???

    I agree with @paul04 - If she is already manually focusing with the 50mm f1.8D, then encourage that because its a good skill to be proficient at, and the 50mm F1.8D is a great, very sharp lens.
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    Advise for 1st Nikon D3200 flash?

    I would recommend the Yongnuo flashes too - I have a 565EX and works great for the price... In fact I am also now looking at adding a second 565 with the 622N transmitter + 2 x transceivers. I have never used LED lights, but Like @aroy says, it could save you a bundle of cash for still life...
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    birds in flight shutterspeeds with tamron 150-600mm

    I don't take many BiF photos, maybe @mikew will pop in as he is the master! One point I would make, is that f8 over quite a long focal length could be too much - I would open up the aperture a bit and that will allow you to drop the ISO for a cleaner picture.