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    Post your latest purchases.

    A pre-emptive purchase (82mm)
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    Then there were three...

    Finally decided to go FX and spend some hard earned cash on a D750. However no torn between which lens to get from the following; Nikon 24-120 f/4 Sigma 24-105 f/4 Art lens Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 All three cover the focus ranges I most use in my photography daily needs (family etc) which makes...
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    UK: Nikon Spring Cashback (2016)

    Nikon have announced their Spring 2016 cashback deals. There's a hefty line up of FX lenses in there, usually its a good mix of DX/FX Maximum cashback is £150, and not via a prepay credit card either - direct funds into your bank...
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    [UK] The Photography Show 2016

    Just a heads up for UK members, The Photography Show 2016 comes to the NEC in March (19-22). Marketed as: The Photography Show is dedicated to everything photography, from inspiring enthusiasts, to providing professional photographers with access to exclusive networking and giving leading...
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    [UK] D750 + 24-120mm f/4 'kit' under £2k

    Title says it all really. Anyone in the UK looking for this combination can now get their hands on it for £1995. The next best price for this bundle is £2289, which puts it in at a massive £294 price difference. Separately this would set you back £2268 (1549 body + 719 lens), which is only a...
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    [UK] The Photography Show 2015

    Just a heads up for UK members (or anyone else from further afield in the area at the time), The Photography Show 2015 comes to the NEC in March (21-24). Marketed as: "We’re The Photography Show, the event for anyone who loves taking photos. Whether you’re a professional, a complete beginner...
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    Important cardboard box

    Interesting article from BBC here; BBC News - The most important cardboard box ever?
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    UK: Nikon Winter/Christmas Cashback Deals

    This may be of interest to UK buyers. Nikon's current cashback and freebie deals have two offers on; Grips for D7100 & D610 (Nikon), running from 30.10.14 - 04.02.15 AND Bodies/cameras, DX & FX lenses and speedlites (Nikon) running from 15.10.14 - 25.01.15 Suddenly the D7100 has massive...
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    Alien Skin Exposure 6 Offer

    Heads up courtesy of Robert Mitchell; Alien Skin Exposure 6 rocks. Exposure 7 is due out shortly and unlike most upgrades, this one is free if you purchase Exposure 6 before December 1, 2014. Win/win. Exposure | Film Emulation & Photo Effects | Alien Skin Software
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Finally finished off my trigger happy buying :P For off camera flash use with all my flashes (though I must note that the SB-400 does not seem to work with these and the YN-622N-TX, but I'll cover that in another topic)
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    Post your latest purchases.

    More wallet emptying today. Bought 24 of these little power 'things' :P Vapextech UK Ltd High Power Consumer Batteries & Chargers I have some from a few years ago still going strong, but needed more for flash and triggers. These are rated at 2500mAh and are LSD ones so a bonus to charge and...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Been a while but brushed the cobwebs off the money box and splashed out on;
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    1st Engagement Shoot

    My cousin is getting engaged in a few weeks and there's going to be a bit of a extended family get together for the ceremony. She's asked me to be her photographer for the engagement because she likes the pictures I take (even though by my very own admissions I'm still in the amateur leagues)...
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    Should I get some triggers or not

    My current body doesn't have a commander mode for the flash (D5100), so I've been looking into a Yongnuo YN-622N setup of sorts to do some off camera flash triggering. I'm looking at getting YN-622N x2 (for my SB-700s) YN-622N-TX x1 (as the commander) I think the above will work quite well...
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    Credit to humanity

    Here's a story that not a lot of people outside of the UK will have heard of (I think), but I truly believe it is one that we can all take something away from BBC News - Cancer fundraiser Stephen Sutton dies aged 19 Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 15, and died...
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    October Monthly Assignment Winners: Halloween

    First of all, a massive thank you to all those that participated, you're all winners in one way or another. Next, apologies for the late 'winning' post, it's been a hectic month here for me and my photography time has suffered :( So without further ado, here are this month's winners: 1st place...
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    October Monthly Assignment: Halloween

    HALLOWEEN This month's challenge can include (but not limited to) the annual traditions observed around this theme; Trick-or-treating, dressing up (costumes), decorating/carving of pumpkins, bonfires, or anything that gives the impression on being haunted. Assignments are designed to help...
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    Nikon SB-300

    New Nikon SB-300 Flash unveiled Nikon SB-300 AF Speedlight | Speedlight Flash for Nikon D-SLRs and Hot-Shoe Equipped COOLPIX Cameras Looks like it's a smaller lighter version of the SB-400, but with more tilt on the bounce than it's bigger brother. GN is lower too, so all in all, probably well...
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    D5100 with two off camera flashes

    Hope people more knowledgeable than me can help me out here. I know the D5100 doesn't have a flash commander mode built in, therefore you'd need something like a SB-700 on the camera to trigger another remote flash (SB-700). However, if I wanted to have both SB-700s off camera, what's the best...
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    Hex Flash

    So what do you think when you see this; overkill or what is he (or she) trying to achieve?