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    highest click D750 with no shutter replacement?

    just curious if someone owns a high shutter click D750 and havent changed the shutter I see many high shutter count D750 for sale on FB groups. looking to pick one up for cheap as a backup video camera. shutter replacement is around $400 and I take that into consideration.
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    mb-d16 owners..whats this rubber part?

    whats this square rubber part on the grip for ? thanks in advance
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    tamron 15-30 vc inquiry

    those who own stiff is the zoom ring? everyone I spoke to said it was stiff from beginning but smoothed out a bit after some use but never really got smooth. my friend had his and I used it for around an hour at a wedding and the zoom was uncomfortable to use but it was new. he had a...
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    getting the d750 as a spare camera to sit in my bag. what card?

    just wondering if anyone uses the super fast sd cards? this one is considered very fast just...
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    Looking for advice for remote flash control

    622n like a boss. I use 8 of them in weddings. I sold all 4 of my nikon flashes. im rocking chinese gear and couldnt be happier. with sucfh great aftermarket gear available at 1/5 the price, momma didnt raise no dummy
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    damn that PS photomerge is amazing

    never did a pano really but damn used photmerge for the first time. shot at 17mm. shot a pano for my lady. as she is in real estate biz there is this house thta has a fantastic view. I wasnt optimistic any software could handle it. the content of the image isnt relevant, just the fact that it...
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    What do you want for D760???

    I dont think these specs will happen except for the 4k. . like @Bikerbrent said, small refinements. I hope im wrong but I dont think they will add so much. im sure it will be a batter spec wise all around but not d610 to d750 jump kind of level.
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    135mm f/1.4 lens

    looking at this one from them Mitakon Zhong Yi Optics CREATOR 135mm f/2.8 II lens | Photo Rumors I dont use that fl often as its a bit too tele to be used other then some closeup makeup shots of the bride and BG pictures outdoor but for $180, and by the review, although shot with a crop...
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    Depth of Field Calculator

    the funny thought just got to me.. youre outdoors, going to shoot a barn and some trees in the far background. you set the tripod, set the camera, whip out the input some numbers, it says from 10ft to 70ft in range. now what? you go take a long range measuring stick and measure where...
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    math freaks

    why so difficult for most?
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    Food shots

    some from 2 weddings I shot. most photographers dont like shooting the food but I think its an import part of the event since they invest so much in it and many times the couple dont even see the food because theyre so busy being in the whirlwind of it. I shoot it so later on they can look and...
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    Help with pricing for possible assignment

    I did the free thing many times when I was on my way in photography. it never brought me any work. as @weebee said, something minimal is fine like dinner or a bottle of wine. if you want to ask about money then something nominal just because people appreciate something more when they pay for it.
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    Anyone having trouble with these 2 websites?

    u using ff @Blacktop?
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    adobe dehaze filter as a standalone app from 3rd party?

    not looking to upgrade anything adobe. I do shoot into the sun many times and get flare but need to then remove that in post. nothing new with that. just wondering if anyone came across a standalone app that does something similar to adobe filter dehaze. cheers...
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    any 10 minute turbocharged guide to using lightroom? capu

    any 10 minute turbocharged guide to using lightroom? I use it sporadically but a friend I work with uses photoshop to edit 2000 images and I know it takes him a long time and many images are in raw. can anyone recommend a 10 minute turbocharged tutorial to start using it? he has the images on...
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    is there an auto sav/draft?

    is there an auto save/draft? I wrote a reply and hit the yellow reply button (above the text window) by accident, not the post button at the button. it erased my draft. is there auto save in out forum? where can I find it if yes? thank you in advance
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    looking for a battery analyzer

    im looking for a product that can check the multiple batteries I have and tell me how much life they have in them. I use a lot of batteries for flashes but cant remember which was bought when and thats trouble when im shooting. looking to check if theyre "tired" and need to be put to pension...
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    Lowepro bags from Ebay????

    I like my waist harness on all my bags but i dont use them really that often. A suggestion - flip it around. Thats how i carry it regularly. The big problem with these bags is they make the straps so long . You look like ur carrying a bag with lasagna pasta all over it. I modified mine and cut...
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    your experience with facebook paid ads. boost post or paid.

    Yes I target my audience to specific cities ages and with specific interests. I dont have the relationship status available to choose or I would simply choose ONLY engadged profiles. Im glad you at least have some good feedback from it. im at 15000 reach 515 website clicks. but not 1 lead. that...
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    your experience with facebook paid ads. boost post or paid.

    whats your experience? something seems quite stinky to me regarding the stats im seeing. 450 website clicks in a week and not 1 lead.