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    Nicefoto Nflash 680a

    Looking for a clean nflash 680a, extra batteries a plus
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    WTB US Version D750 low shutter count

    Looking for a backup US Version D750 with low shutter count
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    Looking for a wide zoom, FX only

    Just bought a sigma, 10-20, not fx so sending it back, what do you all recommend for a wide FX zoom, I sold my 14-24, and my 19 TS, needing a good wide FX zoom to fill the gap.
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    14-24 stuck at f0

    Lens started to act up today, no auto focus, and the camera display f0 (Zero). Has anyone seen this? I have cleaned the contacts and tried on my D810, no joy there also.
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    D750 Flash Sync

    I have been using wireless transmitters to control various strobes, one of my main use flashes are nicefoto 680's, I have two of these, mostly one hand held is enough, 2nd on a light stand occaisionally, I also use Nikon SB910's, SB-800's, Yongnuo's . On my D800 & D810 shutter speed of 1/200 is...
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    New D750

    Guess I should have started with this post. I just got a D750 for a couple of reasons. First it is a little lighter than my D800 & D810. So your're thinking Bill must be a wimp, right? Not really the case but if you haul a camera, tripod, camranger, ipad mini, hand held flashes around the way I...
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    Mini B 8 Pin USB

    Anyone know of a coiled usb cord for the D750? I use a camranger and Nikon changed the mini usb in the camera, The coiled cord I use on my D810 and D800 will not plug into the D750, what a stupid ridiculous change, makes no sense!
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    Nikon 19 mm tilt shift

    Anyone here using this lens? I have and love my 24 mm TS just wondering about the 19, expensive piece.
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    Pelican look alike

    Sam's has these for $20 usd, does have pluck out if needed, i have 5 strobes plus some misc stuff in what was prior held in a much more flimsy pistol case. Just thought others could use a nice rugged small case. would also work fine for a cam and lenses. Seems as heavy as my pelicans.
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    Datacolor Spyder 3 Pro

    Product Name: Datacolor Spyder 3 Pro Price (USD): $45 Location: Ruidoso, New Mexico Shipping & Pickup: Can ship within Country Shipping Cost (USD): $5 Item description Little used Spyder 3 pro, with quick start guide, software disc, original box. Was misplaced during a move and found it...
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    Wide Zoom

    I have been using my 14-24 mm daily for several years and I am very happy with the lens performance, Started to think I should send it in for a good cleaning and alignment. I shoot mainly in the 18-20 mm lens for real estate interiors and often switch to the 24-70 for exteriors. The 14-24 even...
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    New try at drone video

    I went out and reshot this as the rains greened things up a bit.
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    Latest Drone (SUAS) Video

    Still very new at this but here is my latest.
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    Manfrotto Gear Head

    I have been using Manfrotto 329's pan and tilt heads but they have become an adjustment pain in the butt!. Even with the bubble levels, the constant loosening and readjusting becomes tiresome and also getting backed into corners nearly impossible to do. In interiors and architectural photography...
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    D810 with MB-D12

    OK, question to anyone with this setup, if I have both batteries, one in camera, one in grip, does the camera run off one, the other, both what order, I am confused by the order of things. I know I can designate which one it starts with but does the body auto switch to the second or must I...
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    Forwarding button for web site

    I have a client that finds it to difficult for his customers to input a web address. For example is an example mini one page web I include with each home I photograph. I know all works well when they actually type in the url however if they type in the url in the google search...
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    I am convinced that the Original Nikon Batteries are the only way to go. After buying my second D810 and getting a new battery, I shot 90 minutes of video with that new battery. I have a box full of wasabi batteries and I really don't mind the battery change out if I am shooting stills but I...
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    New D810

    Well, a week into using the new D810, love it is much as the one that broke. I actually bought a grey at $2173 with free shipping. If it craps out I will either send it to D200freak or change. It is just so much faster in operation than my D800. Shooting a dance performance video tomorrow night...
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    Printing Post Cards

    Need some help, my wife is a realtor and needs to print post cards, her brother laser jet will not feed the post cards she had made nor will our small hp at home. She tried on a canon printer and it worked but it was a $500 printer. Hate to spend $500 for just post cards can anyone recommend a...
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    Rocky's Quadcopter "Stuff"

    Bought a different bracket to hold a small tablet, looks pretty good and I think I paid $10.00 from China.