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    Want to get off DirecTV...need suggestions...

    I think I want to try to get off of DirecTV. I'm just sick of their prices going up, Up, UP. Does anyone have any suggestions? What are *you* happy with? I don't think Dish or Comcast are the answer either because they're just more of the same sort of service. I am just starting my research...
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    Post your flower pics

    These lilies grow like weeds in my yard. It's just crazy how prolific they are and I totally ignore them. I guess they like the soil.
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    Last Letter Game

    Fuzzy Almond from our almond tree. Next letter is D.
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    Seeking info on the 3Pod tripod by Adorama

    I've read some good things about this light weight carbon-fiber tripod, but I haven't read any rave reviews touting its features. My understanding is that it is made exclusively by Adorama 3Pod P5CRH 5-Section 8X Carbon Fiber Compact Reversable Tripod with K3 BallHead P5CRH and it's a...
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    Post your Photographing the photographer.

    Out with my muse waiting for a full moon... 1/30 second, ISO-200, f/8 (on a tripod)
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    Cactus and succulents

    Above^ f/6.3, ISO-200, 1/160 sec. Above^ - f/5.6, ISO-200, 1/500 second Not my favorite plants. See those pricklies?
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    Printing, How often do you?

    Has printing become a thing of the past? Do you prefer to view your photos electronically? I am a scrapbooker. In fact, I work at a local scrapbook store and design pages to promote products and manufacturers, so printing is of paramount importance to me. Heck, without photos I'd only have a...
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    Post Your Black and Whites Photos!!

    This little guy was in a water fight with his older brother was losing. I love his expression. f/7.1 1/500 ISO 200 -3.7 exposure bias with a 50mm lens and my d90
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    ? re: how to create various folders within my gallery

    I've noticed different folders within some peoples galleries. For instance: Flowers, Trains, Portraits, etc. How do I go about creating them? I've tried to figure it out but so far nada. TIA,
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    Post your Moon Shots

    This image isn't recent but it's one I worked for several nights in a row. This is a new moon setting on the right with the Pan-Starr Comet on the left. It was a really cool feeling to capture this one. d90 ISO-200 f/5.0 4 seconds +5 exposure Lens: 70-300 (at 240mm)
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    Food shots

    My first image post. Not a current one, but still a food pic, so it counts, right? ;)
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    I searched and couldn't find..

    How to Unfollow a thread. I'm not sure what I clicked on to make this happen but I'm getting emails to every thread I've commented on. Anyone know how to unfollow a thread? TIA
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    Sharin is sharin'

    Hi! I'm Sharin. I "just happened" across this site and I am so glad I did! So much info, such beautiful images, and helpful people = Great combo. I've goofed around with various pieces of photo equipment but never gotten past the beginner stage. I enjoy taking photos of food, Lego, and nature...