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  1. Peter7100

    General Architecture and Structure Parts

    Youngsters might not even know what this used to be :ROFLMAO:. So for them, it was pre mobile/cell time and when some people couldn't even afford a landline and would walk to the nearest phone box to make a call. This one has since been converted into a cash machine which will also probably...
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    Post your Photographing the photographer.

    A photographer from the dark side :)
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    Post your sign post pictures

  4. Peter7100

    Post your sign post pictures

    Not really, I go through phases of being active then I can go a few weeks at a time where my gear is just gathering dust 🙂. I do prefer Autumn/Winter though for photography.
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

  6. Peter7100

    Post your sign post pictures

  7. Peter7100

    Weekly Photo Challenge November 22nd - Nov 28th "Pair"

    A PAIR OF SANTA'S - Nikon D610, Nikkor 85mm, 26/11/23
  8. Peter7100

    My first experience with MPB

    I do the exact same :ROFLMAO:
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    My first experience with MPB

    Slightly of topic but I always find this interesting that not just Nikon, but all of makes of 50mm lenses seem to get sold on a regular basis. I often wonder is it the focal length that people find they don't like after buying or something else :unsure: .
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    Zf Released!

    I need to win the lottery 😃
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    My first experience with MPB

    Maybe I’m just lucky but so far I have never had any trouble selling on eBay. However I do only sell gear in good or excellent condition. I recently sold my D7100 on eBay for £215 and MPB had offered me £130, that is a big difference.
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    Vote for Weekly Photo Challenge Nov 15th - Nov 21st "Water"

    Congratulations @lightcapture . Well deserved!
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    Street photography

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    My first experience with MPB

    For buying I love MPB but I find the prices they offer a lot lower than I what I can get by selling on ebay. Hope @Clovishound your wife enjoys her gift from Santa 🎅
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    Street photography

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    Looking for something more portable on a budget

    ''You're not supposed to use DX lenses on an FX body right?'' - You can use then but as you say there is likely to be some vignette up to a certain focal length. This is the Tokina 11-16 @16mm of a Full Frame and I have no concerns using it at this focal length on FF.