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    Crave Photography Giveaway

    I just wanted to share this wonderful giveaway....check it out...great stuff { WORLD WIDE GIVEAWAY 2012 } » Crave Photography
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    Weekly Challenge Jan 20-Feb 2: Freestyle

    My skater is my last photo...that is 5...hope u like them...have a wonderful day everyone and thank u for letting me be part of the this wonderful community
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    Weekly Challenge Jan 20-Feb 2: Freestyle

    I shot this yesterday...of Miss.S she 2 months old and so sweet....Amanda
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    Weekly Challenge Jan 20-Feb 2: Freestyle

    Shot this yesterday of my friend...isn't she cute.....I really liked the muted tones on her...Amanda
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    Weekly Challenge Jan 20-Feb 2: Freestyle

    We baked cookies the other day (for daddy to take on his business trip) and they turned out so pretty I had to take pics...My scrapbooking group is going to use it for background on our V-Day projects....Hope you like it...Amanda
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    Weekly Challenge Jan 20-Feb 2: Freestyle

    I took the boys to the zoo today...and they started walking and holding hands...they are too sweet for son really liked the paint effect and he asked me to use it for this I did...I hope you like...Amanda
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    Weekly Challenge Jan 11-19: Doorways

    This is not what I wanted to take (there is this really cool old church with an amazing door way..but with 2 sick kids that didn't happen)...This is my little Sammy playing in his room this morning, he is finally feeling better... But when he got out his barn and he was laying down and I could...
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    Twelve Elements of a Merit Image

    Thank you very much
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    Weekly Challenge Dec 22-Jan 5: The Decisive Moment

    Re: Weekly Challenge Dec 22-29: The Decisive Moment I shoot this last night with my hubby...using a remote and timer....
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    Post your bokeh rich shots!

    Re: Post your bokah rich shots!
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    Hi everyone...