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  1. F & F2 Man

    Lr 7.3 can't Copy/Paste adjustments with TIFF files.......

    After I updated Lr 7.2 to 7.3, I could no longer copy/paste any adjustments from a finished TIFF to a similar TIFF. After 2 hours on a chat room with Adobe support, we finally agreed to roll back 7.3 to 7.2 and report the error code to those that trouble-shoot and write patches to fix this bug...
  2. F & F2 Man

    Post your latest purchases.

    Just bought my wife a Panasonic Lumix FZ200 (4.5-108 f/2.8 constant f/stop -- 25mm-600mm) Her Panasonic DMC ZS5 has massive dust on the sensor.
  3. F & F2 Man

    ANY Nikon DSLR bodies (10mp+) that take N/Ai Lenses w/o any modifications?

    I checked, and it seems only the Df has a fold up Ai pin....Great camera, too far out my budget. No Dxx or Dxxx models? I own 3 N/ai lenses: 35mm f/2 Nikkor O, 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor S, 105mm f/2.5 Nikkor P + 2 Ai/s lenses: 24mm f/2.8 Ais, 28mm f/3.5 Ai I will not modify my N/Ai lenses, I use a 1967...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    1967 Black Nikon F Body! (684xxxx)
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    Nikon FM2n Chrome Body (82xxxx)

    SOLD I just had my F2 and DP-1 finder serviced by Sover Wong, and to help my budget for July, I am selling my Nikon FM2n. It is in very good to excellent (-) condition with no issues at all. with body cap. Price $200 (OBO) $15 shipping for the USA. Shipping Method: USPS Ships To: USA Ship...
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    Any Nikon AF FILM SLRs that leaves the leader out on rewind?

    My Q is the topic. I just bought a nice AF lens in a Nikon Mount, but no f/stop ring. Thought I would get an AF BODY. BTW, I need to preload my film on developing reels before I put it in a changing bag.. Long story.
  7. F & F2 Man

    Smaller flash for Nikon FM2n... Compact, any make!

    I have a Nikon FM2n that I want to get a small compact flash for, manual or regular non-TTL auto is fine I just need to use it for indoor stuff... grandkids that are no more than 15' away. I use a 28mm lens in these situations so, a powerful unit is not needed. I have been looking at this one...
  8. F & F2 Man

    Cross Processing Color to BW in HC110 B for the 1st time

    Desperate to use my Nikon F2 that I acquired about a month ago, as I am waiting for my SS check so I can buy some more BW film, I found a roll of Kodak Ultramax 400... Since I won't pay even the $2.99 to get it developed at a local store, I decided to try cross processing in BW developer, I...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Kodak Kodafix Kodak TMAX Developer Next some Tmax 400...... I usually use HC110 1:60, but, I may get tighter grain with TMAX...(HC110 is not a recommended developer for Tmax films...) Why? My guess is that produces a slight grain look over the TMAX. Though HC110 does produce great shadows...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    For my Fuji X100T Vented 49mm Hood Konica X24 Flash (was hoping it work on my Nikon FM2n, but the back 2 contact pins made the hot-shoe fit TOO TIGHT) ...But, it works fine on my Fuji X100T. Go figure?
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    Nikon Film Camera Porn Thread ;) Post your Nikon camera portraits here!

    Looked for a thread that was delegated to show off our film Nikons.... didn't find one.. So, I'll start one.... My Nikons so far: Nikon F2, Nikon FM2n, Nikon EM CC-Lr-009-March 12, 2016--Nikon F2-FM2n-EM-Fuji X100T by Peter Arbib -My General Galleries, on Flickr
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    Post your latest purchases.

    Nikon FM2n from cbay (forum member)
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    WTB Nikon DE-1 Finder

    Hi, It has been a while since I posted on this forum, but recently I have purchased a Nikon F2, Nikon FE and Nikon EM. I am in need for a Finder for my F2, (DE-1.... for the Original F or F2 will fit) Chrome or Black (I have a chrome F2, 804xxx, 1979 manufacture year) No Fungus or Silver...
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    Post your Nature Shots here (Tighter framing than General Landscape)

    I am starting a Photo Themed thread on NATURE photos. Any Camera with a Nikon lens on it.... You can kindly post at least what Nikon lens was used. Many members like to know. :) That is: not really a landscape, but a tighter, more constrained framing. Includes photos where the nature subject...
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    Photography Local Birds this last week.... a few tips

    Photographed Local Birds this last week.... a few tips I have had a Nikon 100-300mm f/5.6 AiS Macro (Can focus to just under 3 feet at 100mm, a head shot) mounted on my Olympus E-M5 for the last week.... I bought a bird feeder and hung it up in front of my patio glass door on a tree about 5'...
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    Nikon 100-300mm f/5.6 AiS Lens Samples

    NIKON 100-300MM F/5.6 AiS Samples on a Olympus OMD E-M5 Here is a set of Rural Morresville, Indiana. Taken with the Olympus OMD E-M5, I didn't record the f/stops because, I used f/5.6 for the 1st one then f/11 for the rest. Mainly because I wasn't wearing my ball cap that I use to help shield...
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    If you haven't dropped by lately...

    I have added a few articles using the E-M5, that can applied with other cameras also... Thanks in advance See Link In Signature.
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    FS: Panasonic G3 Black Body / Boxed

    SOLD: Panasonic G3 Black Body / Boxed-- Lower $ Last Price Drop $350.00 SHIPPED CONUSA Camera Model: Panasonic G3 Approximate age of Body: 1 year or so Body Condition: Excellent... No Dents, a few light wear marks upon close inspection, No Functional Issues at all. LCD in great shape...
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    Slow Load Times ?? let us know here

    I see all kinds of plugins loading when I go from one thread to another.... OR when I post or edit.. Facebook Plusone by Google' a few others that say READ, or TRANSFER in my browser loading notice bar. It takes a good 10s to 20s before I can edit a post. I have a T3 Cable connection 8gig ram...
  20. F & F2 Man

    Around Monument Circle: Indianapolis IN

    I really like the View of a 24mm lens for Cityscape's of their Architecture. And Monument Circle has a lot of diversity in Architecture. Around Monument Circle 4-24-2012 by Peter Arbib, on Flickr Around Monument Circle 4-24-2012 by Peter Arbib, on Flickr