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  1. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    Young male mallard just starting to get it's green head.
  2. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    ok. I followed marylynne's instruction on posting this time.
  3. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    I was able to edit the others.
  4. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    thanks Marilynne! I don't think I've tried to add a photo since the site change.
  5. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    Thanks for helping me get back on the board, Brent!
  6. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    About a month ago, my daughter wanted me to photograph a sunset for her science class. Definitely an obstructed view, but when you ask something as it's happening, there is not time to go to a better vantage point!
  7. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    This was a "sun halo" that I saw back near the end of January.. It was hard to get the photo to even show it. it sure looked more clear the day I saw it.
  8. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    I should post some.. It's less fun going outside to photograph this time of year.. cold... I was messing with a macro lens a couple weeks ago to see what snow looked like up close. I meant to take more.
  9. mikeee

    Mikee's 2023 photo fun

    It's never too late in the year to start a new thread... Wow, didn't take too many photos last year....
  10. mikeee

    Darktable update

    Got darktable 4.0.0 with my upgrade to Fedora 37 a month or so ago, and now see that 4.2.0 has been installed on the last update! UI looks a fair bit different than 3.8 was.
  11. mikeee

    Nikon D7500 firmware update version 1.11

    geez. This happened last June and I missed it: I just upgraded yesterday, along with the one I saw for the D7100 long after it was out of support!
  12. mikeee

    New Firmware update

    wow.. just saw this. firmware update for my d7100! woo!
  13. mikeee

    EXIF Info

    It works on the Brave browser on Fedora Linux! :cool:
  14. mikeee

    Woody's 2022 Photon Quest

    I like how the tail curls on the ducks.
  15. mikeee

    EXIF Info

    Looks like a great addon, Fred! Looks like I should try to upload jpg too rather than png. The tool does not work on the png (I have a command line tool on my linux desktop that does), but hovering over the image sure is handy!
  16. mikeee

    December 2022 Monthly Assignment: Artificial Light

    Getting ready to decorate.. Attempt #1 at this challenge Some of the exif details: MATH16-16 >> exiftool DSC_2163_01.png File Name : DSC_2163_01.png File Type : PNG Image Width : 1500 Image Height : 999 Make...
  17. mikeee

    Packing Overkill

    Just keeping it safe!
  18. mikeee

    New Forum

    far out. been away awhile!
  19. mikeee

    Mikeee's 2022 photo fun

    This little guy went *thump* into my living room window, and was dazed long enough for me to stand 3-5 feet away and snap a few photos.. A young robin.