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    D300s vs D500 (kinda vs) D5300

    For a while now, I have been wondering about the D300s, which has the capability of using a SDHC, while the D300 does not. I kinda like it, even being older and only 12 MP. Has anyone used it, and moved up to the D500? I am thinking more for birds in flight photography. I know the D500 is top of...
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    NX Studio Updated to Version 1.0.1

    FYI, people can check for updates in NX Studio, but it opens Nikon Message Center 2, and that says that no updates are available. Download and install was smooth. I haven't used it yet, so I can't say it is painless. Thank you for the info @bluzman! Rob
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    D500 Refurb

    My email says that it ends today, I just got the email a few minutes ago...
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    D850 @ Nikon

    The D850 body is $500 off now if anyone has been waiting! Lenses on sale as well. Rob
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    Copyright info for photographers.

    This is info that came up on a facebook ad, and I am also in the facebook group that thelawtog has. Rob
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    Nikon NX Studio

    I finally got it to install. I tried the day it came out to no success. Download went pretty quickly for me, no issues there. When I tried to install it, it just quit, no error. Tried to open it, nothing, then tried to reinstall, it had an option to repair installation, I am not sure if I tried...
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    Nikon NX Studio

    Just got an email for the new, combined "suite". From Nikon's page: One program does it all. Bring the Nikon experience to your computer with NX Studio, a comprehensive image-processing suite designed for viewing, processing and editing images captured with Nikon digital cameras*. NX Studio...
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    iPhone ... or other smart phone for that matter .... Post them Up!

    Had a friendly moose calf walk by a couple of nights ago. I could have reached down and pet it as it walked by. Rob
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    This is what Marilynne was talking about, in the upper left corner. Rob
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    How sharp is sharp enough? Is "sharp enough" not even an option?

    I am curious what y'all have for standards of sharpness in your pics. I haven't really had to have my pics crystal clear and part of that is that I had to shoot manual focus, and I would forget often. I have kept a lot of pics that were somewhat blurry, for memories or whatever and even for...
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your birds (2)

    Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center Rob
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    SOLD: Nikon D610 For sale. Hopefully I did it right. Rob
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    24 Hour Challenge-Full Moon on Halloween

    I know this isn't a weekly challenge, but an idea I thought would be best to make a thread here, as opposed to other sections of the forum. Saturday, October 31st has a full moon and it is Halloween and also the "night" that some of us will set our clocks backward, if you didn't know. We could...
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    Weekly Challenge Oct. 14 - 20: Structure

    ***Ineligible for contest*** Whittier,Alaska Army barracks. Rob
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    SOLD: Nikon D610 For sale.

    Tech specs and other info: Sorry for the crappy "post"ing!
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    SOLD: Nikon D610 For sale.

    ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** ***SOLD*** Low mileage, excellent condition! I am selling this for $650, will consider trades, pretty much only interested in Nikon. Worst I can say is no. Paypal is pretty much the only payment accepted. It is just too much camera for me, way above my expertise. 24MP, most...
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    Post your Train shots!

    An Alaska Railroad train.
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    Post your sunset shots

    This was Beluga Point, just south of Anchorage, Alaska. Critique welcome! Rob
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    D610 firmware upgrade blues

    Earlier today, I decided to upgrade the firmware on my D610, from I think 1.01, something like that, to 1.04. Everything goes smoothly, so I try my fav lens, Sigma 50-500mm 4-6.3 APO DG HSM EX. It is not auto focusing now, last night and earlier, it worked fine. I think that I was experimenting...