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    Stopped focusing some lenses not others

    My d810 suddenly stopped auto-focusing with some of my lenses but not others. It auto-focuses with my 16-35mm f4, and my 200-500mm f5.6 but not my 85mm f1.8 or my 35mm f2. It previously worked with all my lenses. I have no idea. ty....
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    FFS 5 or 7

    Is the 5 FFS expanded to 7 FFS with the grip or with the grip in dx mode? ty...
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    Need advise, crop body or teleconverter

    I've been shooting with a full frame d800 and Nikon's 200-500mm. Looking to get some extra reach. Should I get a good crop body or a teleconverter? ty
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    SB-600 won't flash again

    I get them because they're cheap basically, I know you get what you pay for. I now have two which appear to work in every other way. Powers on, digital display shows like normal. But won't flash on test or with triggers. I'm assuming the bulb is burned out. Any experience with this? What...
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    CF cards impact on burst rate/buffer

    So I have a CF that does 160mb/per second. Lexar makes CF cards that are about 2-4 times faster. Question is on my D800, will getting one of those cards speed my burst rate? Buffer? ty
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    High ISO NR, when to use

    How do you guys and gals use High ISO noise reduction on the d800? Do you tend to always have it switched off or on? Only on in certain low light situations? ty!
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    200-500 5.6 focus problem

    I'm overall pleased with my copy of Nikon's 200-500mm 5.6 tele. Recently though I've noticed that it is unable to autofocus through the focus range sometimes. If the focus is near where it needs to autofocus it snaps into focus fine but if it has to focus through the focus range it doesn't even...
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    Tokina 100mm clicks when manual focusing

    When the camera is on and I'm manually focusing the lens makes a clicking sound. Is that they way they are or is this something to be concerned about? ty
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    Focus distance.

    Got my first macro lens yesterday. Tokina 100mm. It dawned on me, I don't know what I'm doing. Mainly I don't understand minimum focus distance. I thought I would be unable to focus when I got a foot from the subject. I was able to nearly fit the lens up the rear end of the subject...
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    Operator malfunction question

    So I use back button focus and love it but one problem. Since I use it I always leave it in AF-C but if I need the AF-assist illuminator to come on it has to be in AF-S with single point. So I switch it over to AF-S and set the focus and it makes me hold down both focus and shutter release...
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    First Macro purchase

    I'll soon be purchasing my first dedicated macro lens. Budget: Max aprox 500$. Interest: Nature, bugs, flowers, etc. Body: d800. Looking at the Tokina 100mm, Tamron 90mm, Sigma 105mm and older Nikon 105mm. Leaning towards the Tokina because reviews are great for the price but I'm interested...
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    Exposure of birds in flight

    Here's how I've been doing it. Any feedback on improving my strategy is appreciated. I set to manual. Set shutter at 1/1600 if I have plenty of light 1/2000. Aperture I have set at f8 for maximum sharpness on my lens, 5.6 if I need more light. Nikon 70-300mm VR. When I'm coming to an area...
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    Focus point moving

    When I change to portrait orientation my focus point moves upward. As I recall this is an auto feature to make it quicker to focus on the face during portrait shoots. I can't locate where to disable this however. I'd rather just manually change the focus point myself if needed. Any help is...
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    Lenscoat impact operation? I've never had a lenscoat but I think it would add additional protection for the lens and make it more comfortable to hold in cold weather. For those who have owned one, does it interfere with...
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    Trying to add a picture

    I decreased the size and it said upload complete, I fill out description, check agree to terms, etc and it goes to "Process Files" where it says "No Images to Display." Anyone have this problem?
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    DX mode for wildlife?

    In shopping and saving for a better wildlife lens just about every article mentions equivalent focal length and a preference for using a crop sensor camera for wildlife. So I start reading about DX mode on my d800. I also learn in the process that the frame rate is faster in dx mode...
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    Focusing problem solved but...

    I was shooting fashion at night with off camera flash and my focus was consistently off. The camera autofocus assist wasn't coming on but instead red laser grid lines (from my d800 not the speedlight). In the end all I had to do was disable the flash trigger's autofocus assist function and the...
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    Upgrading tele for wildlife, need suggestions

    Several years ago having been relatively uninterested in wildlife photography my interest peaked when I became aware of the winter migration of the Bald Eagle to our area. Not wanting to spend much I opted for the Nikon 70-300mm VR. I was able to get some good shots when I was able to get...