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    Where has the joy gone?

    I have been here for a few years now. In fact, I think that I was among the first to join. In this past year, Nikonites has gotten far more serious and quite frankly, I don't feel as welcome as I once felt. I admit that I am a contentious bastard and I probably have an abrasive sense of humor...
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    Next Photo Subject Game

    Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees! Next shot... In deference to the politically correct, a Snowperson. :o
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    November Assignment: COMPOSITION

    Naked Frost Heave ​My final entry
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    November Assignment: COMPOSITION

    Some Weedy Thing My second entry ​Enjoy
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    Baby, it's cold outside.....

    It's SUPPOSED to look like this! ​Who broke the weather?
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    Post your Sunrises

    This was taken right at 6:45 this am as a test for the J1 I just got. I had the J1 set on the Smart Photo Selector Mode and just let Nikon do all the work. ISO was at 3200, shutter was at 1/60 without flash. This is straight out of the camera with NO PP. I think the J1 might be a keeper...
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    Post your latest purchases.

    ​"GOT MILC?" My new camera. Nikon 1 J1. Camera, 10-30 & 30-110 lenses, remote, hard leather case and grey gadget bag for just over $300.00 I just finished updating the firmware. Pictures to follow.
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    Post your Sunrises

    Taken this morning at 7:08 am. Minimal processing. ​Enjoy
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    Rediscovering your photographic roots.

    The Nikon Df wants to take you back to the future (sorry Michael J Fox!) with its "Do stuff the old way with new technology!" campaign. Ya wanna really get back to the roots of photography? Free ebooks - Project Gutenberg Do a search for this book. The History and Practice of the Art of...
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    General Architecture and Structure Parts

    House chimney in Salem, Ohio. Enjoy ​
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    Post your Cloudscape Photos

    Back in September of 2012 we had some pretty rough weather. This is a shot of the storm clouds. Enjoy ​Pete
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    Time Change

    Most of you probably don't need to be reminded about the time change, but how many remember to reset their CAMERA? Do this to keep the EXIF data accurate. Also now is the time to replace those smoke detector batteries. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by your friendly...
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    Pets/"Petography" Thread!

    Today is Tabby Kat's birthday. :triumphant: He was born on October 31, 1991. In people years, he is celebrating his twenty second birthday! In cat years he is one hundred fifty four years old and still going strong! This picture has been posted on here before, but it is my favorite shot of...
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    Today is Queen Helene Day!!!

    I am taking it upon myself to declare that today is... Queen Helene Day! Today I hope that everyone here at Nikonites will wish Helene a very Happy Birthday! I will not reveal Helene's age. I will only point out that the US Forest Service requested that her cake not have all the candles lit...
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    New Apple Operating System Mavericks

    Just for the Apple users on here with the MacBooks, iMacs, MacBook Pros and all the rest of them. I just watched the Apple rollout of new products this afternoon and guess what? You can upgrade the operating system of your Apple product for FREE! ::what:: Enjoy. ​Pete
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    Post your flower pics

    This is a SKYWF (SumKindaYellowWeedFlower) Enjoy ​Pete
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    Post Your Landscape Photos

    Herkimer, New York early morning fog bank. Enjoy ​Pete
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    Post your Lighthouses

    Even though this is technically a lighthouse since it "houses" a navigation light, it is NOT called a "lighthouse". This is considered a harbor light since it shows the way into the harbor. Enjoy. ​Pete
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    Post your Lighthouses

    This is the Erie Land Lighthouse overlooking the Lake Erie inlet. Enjoy ​Pete