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    Post your Birds in Flight

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    Post your birds (2)

    Hitching a lift.
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    Post your Sunrises

    1st post here in a while, got an old d90, just testing it out
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    Post your favorite December 2016 shot

    Not happy with me taking it's picture, maybe I did not get it's good side.
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    December 2016 ... "Bright Colors"

    The sun might be setting, but its still bright.
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    Look what Santa brought me.... post your photo-related gifts

    Well, I got a pair of slippers :p
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    You want to blur the background?

    I kind of learn as I go. if It's not right 1st time, take another picture and practice. F2.8 and F22
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    Where to place.

    Where possible, right in the centre.
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    Post your Moon Shots

    Behind the tree's
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your sunset shots

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    Post your birds (2)

    Frozen water
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    Post your birds (2)

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    Post your birds (2)