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  1. Browncoat

    Non twisting strap

    +1 for Peak Design. I own many products from the Peak Design ecosystem and they're all fantastic. They get twisted up because they're flat. I also have a "street strap" that I got several years ago. It's a round cord-type strap and it never gets twisted. I don't think you can get this...
  2. Browncoat

    Street photography

    Attended a local Funk Festival and just had to stop and ask this guy if I could take his photo.
  3. Browncoat

    Post your Portrait shots!

    Did a maternity shoot this weekend. This is one of my favorites.
  4. Browncoat

    Post your Portrait shots!

    My daughter, Drew.
  5. Browncoat

    Grid pattern in background

    I'm w/ @FredKingston on this one... Although I'm not sure any settings change will fix it. Topaz has a long history of grid artifact issues. This article may help, but it may not get rid of it completely:
  6. Browncoat

    Sep. 2020 Theme: Happy

    Entry #1: Miss Vivian This is my first (and currently only) grandchild, Vivian. She is a little ray of sunshine, and very much papaw's girl. She will be 2 in mid-October and has a personality as big as all outside. Goes without saying - she makes me happy. Here she is cheesing for the camera...
  7. Browncoat

    New workflow in PS and LR

    Your profile indicates that it's okay to edit your images, so I gave it a shot: The eyes should be the brightest and most vibrant part of the image, piercing right through the viewer's soul. A slight crop lines up the eye with one of the points in the Rule of Thirds, further drawing your...
  8. Browncoat

    Raptor, Inc.

    Ollie - Great Horned Owl Wing and leg fractures Athena - Eastern Screech Owl Left wing broken, right eye blind Scarlet - Red Tailed Hawk Left wing fracture Storm - Barn Owl Left wing amputation Rufous - Eastern Screech Owl Left eye blind, right eye impaired (he's also molting) This poor...
  9. Browncoat

    Raptor, Inc.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to Raptor, Inc. - a bird preserve in Cincinnati, OH. They have a deal with the local photo club to let small groups come in and photograph the birds once in awhile. $22 fee through the club for the shoot, most is donated to the preserve. No idea what birds will be...
  10. Browncoat

    Seamless paper backdrops

    When I had my studio, I used muslin backdrops and they were a pain in the !@#. They're expensive, heavy, and you're constantly editing out wrinkles in post. I have zero experience w/ seamless paper, but I think that's the way I want to go. It appears that 53" (a little more than 4 ft) and 107"...
  11. Browncoat

    Time for an upgrade?

    Anyone else think the forum is looking a bit dated? There are themes out there for vBulletin that have a sleeker interface and are mobile-friendly. It's been what...10 years? Time for a face lift.
  12. Browncoat

    Post Your Landscape Photos

  13. Browncoat

    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    This barely qualifies as automotive. Lawn mowers on steroids:
  14. Browncoat

    Review: Peak Design Travel Tripod

    Sort of, yes. The leg profile is actually a weird 6-sided hexagon that reminds me of the Superman emblem. Pardon the crude sketch - I tried to get a couple photos, but it was hard to see all the angles. Looking straight down the tube, this is the leg profile: The short side (bottom) nests...
  15. Browncoat

    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    The local historical society hosted a cruise-in this evening. Here are a few favorites:
  16. Browncoat

    Review: Peak Design Travel Tripod

    Peak Design Travel Tripod Specs Weight: 3.4 lb (Aluminum version) Load Capacity: 20 lb Max Height: 60" Min Height: 5.5" Folded Length: 15.5" Mounting Plate: Arca-type QR Mounting Screw: 1/4-20 Head: Ball Legs: 5 section, Flip Lock Misc Features Integrated cell phone mount Load hanging...
  17. Browncoat

    Big Four Bridge

  18. Browncoat

    Post your Portrait shots!

    Playing with the new D500 and off-camera flash this evening. Also my first time using color gels. I bought a MagMod kit (great system, but expensive) and used a 1/2 CTO gel on this. Had a helluva time color correcting this photo in post because it was way too orange. Still looks a bit orange to...