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    Strobe and Speedlite

    I finally got my Sekonic light meter working and have been dong tests with my Godex SK400. Due to Covid I have only been doing indoor group shoots and have been learning lighting. Normally I would be outside with a softbox at the proper time of day for images.

    Besides the strobe I have a Yongnuo 565EX speedlight with a softbox. I understand that the speedlight has to be in manual mode as I was watching some informative YT videos last night. My question is are the settings for both the strobe and the speed light need to match so that the light can be measured properly by the meter?

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    Re: Strobe and Speedlite

    A light meter is a great way to get accurate lighting...but it works backwards from how most people think it works. A meter won't tell you what power setting to turn your lighting to. It doesn't say to use 1/2 or 1/4 power for example.

    Let's say you want to be at f/8. You test the light and get a reading that's f/11, so you're too bright. Dial back the flash and take another reading with the meter until you're at f/8.

    You can also use a meter to determine light ratios. If you're doing a 2 light setup, more than likely you don't want them both on the same setting. You want 2:1 for example, where your main (key) light is twice as bright as your fill light. Meter your main light to the desired setting, then set the fill light accordingly.

    This also works for a background light. If you have a white backdrop and you want it to be pure white, it's probably going to have to be at least 2 stops brighter than your main light.

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    Re: Strobe and Speedlite

    The answer to your question is "No"... With a multi-light setup, depending on what lighting you're trying to achieve on the subject... You will/can set one light differently than the other light... You might want to explore "Ratio lighting" for further a more in-depth answer... I don't know which Sekonic light meter you got, but there is a very defined method of using a light meter to determine/calculate those ratios...

    Here's the subject discussed on Sekonic's site.... https://www.sekonic.com/studio-light...tanding-ratios

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    Re: Strobe and Speedlite

    Both of the others have answered your question. But you will want to take a meter reading of your main light first (as they've described). Then you need to decide if you want the other light (I'm assuming the flash will be your secondary light) to give off the same amount of light or less. Usually when photographers light with more than one light, the other light(s) give off less power. That will give some dimension to your images. Since the Yongnuo is just a flash, it won't be nearly as powerful as the Godox and might not be able to match the same amount of light as the Godox because of that - especially when you are shooting outside.
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    Re: Strobe and Speedlite

    Both the Sekonic web site and you tube can be a great source of videos on lighting and using a light meter.

    YT Joe Brady & Sekonic


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