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    Question Need operator manual for Neewer VK750 ii

    I almost never use a flash, and when I needed it yesterday, I discovered that I have forgotten a lot about how to use some of the functions of the Neewer VK750 flash. And it looks like I have lost the manual that came with the unit. I remember that the manual wasn't very good, but right now I have nothing. I have checked online for a manual that I could download, but nothing... So, I was hoping that someone could let me know where/how to get a manual. Thanks.

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    Re: Need operator manual for Neewer VK750 ii

    I always like a google challenge, but I couldn't find anything. There are contact options on the Neewer website. Maybe reach out and see if they can hook you up.
    I did find this:
    The guy has a little video that might have enough info in it to get you started.
    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: Need operator manual for Neewer VK750 ii

    The Neewer 750 II is a rebadged Meike MK-951. Go see Meike Online Store if there's a downloadable manual.
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    Re: Need operator manual for Neewer VK750 ii

    Also @WayneF has a good write up/review posted on his Flash Web site that may help. Look at some of the flash threads on here for something he has written and follow his signature links.

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    Re: Need operator manual for Neewer VK750 ii

    I have managed to scan the manual using iscanner and uploaded here.

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