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    What macro/ring flash has worked the best for you?

    My trusty 42 year old Vivitar 5000 ring flash still works as advertised but really only has 2 modes; full manual and 1 stop of automatic. I want a lot more control. I honestly don't see that much use for auto or TTL, but would like flexibility when it comes to being able to vary the manual output. Nikon's are outrageously overpriced and I just cannot justify the cost for as much use as it will get.

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    Re: What macro/ring flash has worked the best for you?

    I Have a Viltrox JY670... There are several reviews available... They make basically two models..

    The JY670, and the JY670N <-- The N model has i-ttl for Nikon as well as auto... The N model is $99, and the non-N model is about $67 on eBay...

    I'm very happy with my non-N model...
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    Re: What macro/ring flash has worked the best for you?

    What macro/ring flash has worked the best for you?
    A couple of months ago I bought a "Aputure Amaran Halo LED Ring Flash " from The Camera Store (now retails for $78 CDN - probably about $50 US) and it works for me.

    What macro/ring flash has worked the best for you?-dsc_8636-amaran-ring-flash-0001-sm.jpgWhat macro/ring flash has worked the best for you?-dsc_8651-amaran-ring-flash-0001_2-sm.jpg

    I posted it in Latest Purchases back on Jan 23rd this year.

    There was a follow up post about power of the flash and I posted the results of testing it a little. see https://nikonites.com/off-topic/1252...tml#post602836

    But I've not played with it since I bought it a couple of months ago - really I should play with my toys more eh?
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