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    YN685 / YN622N-TX "RADIO OFF" problem

    I have the YN622N-TX/YN685 combo. I am trying to set up remote triggering but I'm getting "RADIO OFF" when I press & hold the mode button, not the "622 remote" message. Does anyone have this and know what the problem is? I've been googling about a half hour now and can't find anything answered about this.


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    Re: YN685 / YN622N-TX "RADIO OFF" problem

    Press and release the mode button then rotate the dial and you will see the different settings.
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    Re: YN685 / YN622N-TX "RADIO OFF" problem

    Thank you. Got it working.

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    Re: YN685 / YN622N-TX "RADIO OFF" problem

    Im having the same problem. Have you solved this yet?

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