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    Oh no! I think the meter died in my F3HP!

    I just pulled my old F3HP out of storage and popped in a new pair of batteries. Everything powers up, the shutter speed defaults to 1/80 until the counter gets to frame #1, and then the viewfinder reads "-8-". When I go to manual settings, the shutter speeds show up but the meter reads "-" on every speed. I attached the motor drive to be sure it wasn't the new batteries I had put in the body. Same result. Darn it!

    I haven't used this body in a L-O-N-G time, but I don't think it' user error... am I forgetting something about using the F3 and doing something wrong?
    I live fairly close to a camera repair shop so I'll have to stop by and see what they can do.

    So far, I've already had two cameras die on me this fall; my D70 (sensor failure) and my Panasonic Lumix DMC-T5 (power switch/PSB), and now my F3HP isn't working! I want to shoot some film but now I'm afraid to pull out an F4s or F2S for fear my bad luck will continue! I guess I'll load up the old FG and give it a try...

    Stay sharp,

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    Re: Oh no! I think the meter died in my F3HP!

    Do you have a lens mounted?

    Are the camera batteries oriented properly (+/-)? And, in line with batteries, did you thoroughly clean the contacts in the holder and the body? Over time, batteries will secrete a film which can interfere with the contacts. If you have a fiberglass brush, or a decent pencil eraser, be sure the contacts are spotless. Also, insure you use something like Scotch Brite to clean the threads on the battery cap, and the body. It only takes a slight "non-contact" to keep the batteries from making a complete circuit. Nikon, as well as others recommend not making any contact with batteries and your bare skin.

    Also, you may want to remove the finder, and insure the contacts are clean between that and the body.

    These are niggling problems which arise from time to time.
    Best, Dennis

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    Re: Oh no! I think the meter died in my F3HP!

    Thanks, Dennis. I did have a lens mounted. I also tried with the MD-4 attached. It powered up the camera and operated normally but I still had the meter reading problem. The camera's DE-3 finder functions properly when mounted on another normally-functioning F3. I will try cleaning all battery, motor drive and finder contact areas with some Deox-it and keep my fingers crossed, but I fear the old girl has a dead meter.

    Thanks again,

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