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    Re: 520 Error

    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    That is good to hear. I was just complaining a bit. I had tried to post a new thread and the 520 error kept coming up and just when I had given up and left the thread behind it posted. Looking forward to the new platform.
    Yes its time, Danno. This current forum requires Adobe Flash. And Adobe is discontinuing Flash soon - can't remember if it is by the end of this year, but it's within a few months at best. Please hang in there. I'm guessing some of the problems are from jdeg working behind the scenes. He is well aware that we need to move to a new platform. Perhaps we should call these errors Growing Pains. Lol.

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    Re: 520 Error

    Haven't had any errors here... but maybe as my time difference means I am on when you are mostly asleep means that things aren't being 'tweaked' when I am on.
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    Re: 520 Error

    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    Some times this forum is not too much fun. If it were not for the folks here it would be easy to move on, but this is a special group of folks, so we endeavor to persevere... in spite of the 520
    i second that it's the good people on this forum that make it as good as it is.

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    Re: 520 Error

    Yea, it appears the admin may have got it fixed
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