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    Nature Photography section?

    Hi Everyone, we have a "Wildlife", "Macro" and "Landscape" section, but I have a lot of nature photography and most of it isn't one of those categories, so I was having difficulty trying to find a place to post it. Nature also encompasses trees/plants, stone/rock formations, sunsets/sunrises, forest/beach/desert/aerial scenes (not necessary full landscapes), weather phenomena, celestial phenomena, etc.. Just thought a more general nature section would be nice. I realize we have a general section but perhaps nature in general would be an interesting section and the "Wildlife/Macro/Landscape" subsections could go into it and new sections added depending on interest (ie: birds). I also realize there are very large threads devoted to specific topics like birds but one has to sort of hunt for them and the search engine occasionally returns a lot of unnecessary threads.

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    Re: Nature Photography section?


    List of post your
    150-600 Tamron shots
    150-600 Sigma C shots
    Alligator/crocodile photos
    Almost Photos
    Artful Potato (or other vegetable) Challenge
    Aviation shots
    Barns and rural structures
    Beach Creatures
    Bees in Flight photos
    Before and after pictures
    Best sports photo
    Birds (2)
    Bird Feeders
    Birds in Flight
    Black and Whites Photos
    Bokeh rich shots
    Bottoms Up shots
    Celebrity photos
    Cell phone photos
    Cemetery Shots
    Church shots
    Cloudscape Photos
    Comet photos
    D500 Shots
    D7200 Photos
    Deer/Moose/Elk Shots
    Doors, Windows, and Entryways
    Fall pictures
    Farm Equipment Shots
    Farmers's Market Captures
    Favorite March 2017 photo
    Firework Photos
    Fisheye Images
    Fishing photos
    Flower pics
    Focus stacking photos here
    Frogs, Toads and Amphibians!
    Fuji X Images
    Halloween Theme Photos Here
    Heavy Equipment Shots!
    highways and byways
    Hills, Mountains, Rock
    Horse shots
    Insect shots (Macro/without Macro)
    Landscape Photos
    Latest purchases
    Leaf shots
    Light poles
    Low light long exposures
    Meet and Greet here
    Men/ladies at work
    Moths & Butterflies
    New Year Resolutions
    Nighttime cityscape photos
    Oil Paint filter shots
    Parrot Pictures
    Photographing the photographer
    Portrait shots
    Reflection photos
    River and Lakes photos!
    Seed Head
    Selective color photos
    Sign post pictures
    Sky and cloud photos
    Snow event
    Squirrel pictures
    Star Trails
    Steps, Stairways, Staircases, and Ladders
    Summertime Picures
    Sunset shots
    Train shots!
    Tree Photos !
    Ultra-wide angle shots
    Urban Decay pics
    Urban Landscapes
    Water drops
    Water towers
    Wide Angle

    @nikonpup do you have a newer list?
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    Re: Nature Photography section?

    €‹ no, the "post your" should be fairly complete. Many members do not use the "post your" when starting a new thread. If members are looking for something try using advanced search.


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    Re: Nature Photography section?

    Quote Originally Posted by crycocyon View Post
    Hi Everyone, we have a "Wildlife", "Macro" and "Landscape" section, but I have a lot of nature photography and most of it isn't one of those categories, so I was having difficulty trying to find a place to post it...
    crycocyon, why don't you head over to the General Photoshop subforum and start a thread titled Post Your Nature Shots (or Post Your Nature Images). If you do that, one of us mods can make the thread a sticky. There doesn't appear to be one yet. If you do that, you can always PM either Marilynne or me to make the thread a sticky. Having a Nature section is a good idea although that's as much as us mods can do.

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