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    Re: Missing exif data using chrome


    Why does your browser use that large blue script whenever you post?

    I see you have that file locked. Unlock it so I can download it and see if there'e EXIF data in the file or it's being stripped...[/QUOTE THE SITES DEFAULT FONT IS TO SMALL FOR ME UNLESS I STICK MY FACE IN THE SCREEN. THE FILE SHOULD NOT BE LOCKED, I HAVE BOX CHECKED TO ALLOW EDITING OF MY IMAGES

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    Re: Missing exif data using chrome


    Ron, please do me a favor and post a photo, but put about four or five of your large font lines on top of it. Your latest post in the weekly challenge I can see the bottom two lines of your EXIF data using Chrome. It is in the upper left corner. With Microsoft Edge I can see all of your EXIF data in the lower left corner of your photo. I have a hunch that the reason I can see the little bit of your EXIF data in Chrome is because your text is pushing the photo down so the EXIF data is being partially displayed. My hunch is that with more text lines it will push it down far enough to see all of your EXIF data.

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