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Why doesn't EXIF data show on my picture?

There are several reason that EXIF data may not be showing on your picture. Here are the most common:
  • You edited your photo in a program that, when saved, discarded the EXIF data
  • The photo was added to the site before 3/14/2014, and had to be resized to under 1000px wide
  • You are linking to an image not hosted on this site, and the image was stripped of EXIF data on upload to that site (it may still show in their own EXIF viewer)
  • You uploaded your picture to the gallery and it had to be resized, which stripped the EXIF data. You then linked to the photo in the forum
  • You are linking to a resized thumbnail that had to EXIF data stripped
  • If you do not see lens data this is probably because the field we read is specific to photos saved with Adobe programs

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