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    Exposure with white background..


    Just eager to know how do you handle situations in events, wherein you have the subjects closer to white background while using strobes, specifically we do not have the option of moving the subject away from the background. Thank you..

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    Re: Exposure with white background..

    I'm sorry, I'm having trouble understanding your question. What do you mean by wanting the subjects closed? Are you having trouble making your backgound look white? Do you want our opinion on moving a subject closer to, or farther from, a white background?

    I can't figure out what you're asking - would it be possible to rephrase it? Or does another member here know what this post is in regards to?
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    Re: Exposure with white background..

    Sorry bro, I have updated my post now...

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    Re: Exposure with white background..

    For me, it depends upon the desired result. What are you looking to achieve in this situation? Do you want the background to remain white or have it darkened to grey? Do you want them so close that shadows appear on the background or not?

    If they are so close (like just one foot away), there isn't a whole lot of override you can accomplish. You could try lighting them from the side at 90-degrees. Joel Grimes does that with what he calls Rembrandt Cross Lighting. The light is 90-degrees to their body but is placed in front of them with just the back edge of the light hitting them. A reflector can be used on the opposite side. That would eliminate a lot of backdrop shadows caused by the strobes, but ambient light might still create shadows on the background.

    However, with Photoshop you can extract them from the white background and put the subjects into a different background. But what do you want the outcome to be?
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