I like to read - or at the very least collect books I intend to read.

Recommendations, reviews, summaries are welcome, or just pictures of your books.

Was pleased to pick this one up recently - Chris Hadfield's "You Are Here" - photos from space by a Canadian Astronaut

Post Your Books-dsc_8689-chris-hadfield-you-here-0002.jpg

A real 'picture book' of stunning photos of our planet from space.

Post Your Books-dsc_8691-chris-hadfield-you-here-0001.jpg

BTW - he shot these with a Nikon - here is an article about his space photography
Astronaut shows to take incredible photos from the International Space Station

how is this for a photographic position: Post Your Books-tumblr_n325fnwjdz1ritsvjo6_1280.jpg

Hadfield is a philosopher photographer and this is an interesting read that gets you thinking as you gaze at these out-of-this-world shots.

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