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    Great (IMO) Article on Product Lighting

    Even if you don't shoot product photography, the stuff in this article can be extremely useful when you need to light something while avoiding all the reflections and hot spots that come with front lighting.

    Basic Rim Lighting with a Do-It-Yourself Striplight

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    Re: Great (IMO) Article on Product Lighting

    That is very simple and very practical.
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    Re: Great (IMO) Article on Product Lighting

    Excellent article, and it also has links that lead the reader to several more:

    'How to Use Office and Art Supplies for Product Photos' (How to Use Office and Art Supplies for Product Photos)

    'Tiles Are a Product Photographer’s Best Friend' (Tiles Are a Product Photographer's Best Friend)

    'El Bokeh Wall: How to Create a Beautiful Background with Aluminum Foil' (http://petapixel.com/2016/01/20/crea...aluminum-foil/).

    So one link was good for four great articles! Thanks!

    I'd like to throw in ...

    'Tips for Fast and Effective Studio Product Photography' (http://digital-photography-school.co...tography-tips/)

    ... which is second in a pair that is preceded by ...

    'Equipment Tips for Quick and Efficient Studio Product Photography' (http://digital-photography-school.co...t-photography/).

    The ideas in the second one are very helpful. The light table mentioned is pricey, but other models can be had for much cheaper on some online sites. But the tiles idea that can be found via your link is awesome!
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