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    non cpu lens data

    Weird stuff happening. Was a post about the Nikon Micro 400 which stated it was useless for macro.
    I got mine out and attempted to add it to one of the the nine data positions.
    I did have seven configured and working perfectly. I decided to place it at position 7 after my 105 micro.
    Went to set up menu moved to position where I had my 400 5.6 changed to 200mm focal length and maximum aperture f4.
    Then decided to add my 400mm 5.6 to position 8.
    Now when I use the back dial to toggle to position 7 it still lists the 400 and has nothing in position 8 or 9
    Anyone else had this problem?????

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    Re: non cpu lens data

    Operator brain fade....
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