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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    Quote Originally Posted by nickt View Post
    I lost track of the Tamron generations long ago. Not sure when the focus motor came along. Focus motor aside, another notable change over the years was going from external to internal focusing. The external focusing means that the lens barrel extends as you focus closer. Its hard to pick this up from the specs. Normally they list minimum focus distance in the specs. That is the distance from the sensor plane to the subject. This tells you nothing about the barrel length. The spec known as 'working distance' does take the barrel into account. Working distance is the distance from the front of the lens to the subject. They often don't list this parameter, you have to go digging for it. I think Scott had the extending barrel and never complained. Some bug shooters don't like the extending barrel.
    I have the Tamron 60mm and the Sigma 105
    I never had issues with the extending barrell, but then again I am very patient.

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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Murray View Post
    As hark mentioned I used to shoot with the Tamron 90mm Macro, using manual focus. It was the older lens but I managed a few ok shots with it. So long as the lens is 1:1 or better then it should be good.
    Thanks very much Scott!
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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    Is this a good deal?

    This lens is much higher than the Nikkor 105mm F2.8D I bought for $275.00 + S&H.

    Wait & buy from a Photographer, & enjoy a really great piece of Glass.

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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    $750 is the going price for that lens in very good to excellent condition... That lens is not even close to the 105 2.8D... The DC in the higher priced one stands for Defocus Image Control... That 105 is probably the absolute sharpest lens Nikon ever made... The DC causes the out-of-focus parts to have a very sought after bokeh effect, while maintaining absolute sharp focus on the in-focus parts... It is not a macro lens...

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    Re: Is this a good deal?

    Is this a good deal?
    I know, old thread. I have used in the past an early 1990's Tamron 90mm that autofocused with the screw-coupler. Nice images, but the focus was sloooooww and hunted a lot. I used mainly for photographing my wristwatches, so I could take time in a studio setup.

    I upgraded to the most current version "017". Internal focus motor, vibration compensation, and improved optical coatings that don't show reflections of the camera sensor off of the back lens element (a problem I notice with many pre-DSLR lenses). I love the lens, and it has gained added usefulness now that I have a FX body to use it on. It now doubles more readily as a portrait lens.

    Macro shot intentionally showing the bokeh
    Is this a good deal?-qwfkpyu.jpg

    And a significant crop-in
    Is this a good deal?-1j3obrt.jpg

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