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    Re: Purchasing a D90

    Quote Originally Posted by lokatz View Post
    Not sure I agree here. D90 prices are so low now that they equal or beat the cost of most repairs. For instance, if a shutter fails because of wear, I would look for a new body rather than replace it.

    IMHO, the D90 is a steal given the ratio between its overall capability and current pricing. Yes, these days there are lots of better models, but I know no other $150 DSLR that comes close to this one. I've sold six or seven Nikons over the years, but the D90 is the one I think of most fondly, even though I own more capable bodies now.
    I completely agree with the D90's capability and bang for the buck. I thought you had mentioned shutter replacement in your initial post. I would never hesitate to recommend one.

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    Re: Purchasing a D90

    Quote Originally Posted by scorgi16 View Post
    Hey all,

    I have been borrowing a friend's old D90 for about a year. I am wanting to purchase it from my friend and need to know what fair a price is, the body has 102,644 shutter clicks, from which about a 1000 are from me. Thank you for any input, I am concerned that the shutter will need replaced in the near future, and that the camera is basically worth nothing.
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    D90 is a great camera, don't let the age fool you. It's a great way to get started with a great body.

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    Re: Purchasing a D90

    D90 is a great camera.

    102K clicks puts it in the gifting category IMHO.......or perhaps a couple of cold beverages of choice in exchange.
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