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    Upgrade to D850?

    Hello all. What are your thoughts on upgrading, or adding a D850 to the mix for wildlife photography? I shoot with a D7200 and a D500 now. My main concern is image quality. I know I will lose the reach but I am not a heavy cropper but still have to crop a little sometimes. I have never shot full frame so I am wondering if it is worth it. Most of my shots are good but wondering about noise reduction or difference with full frame. No rental places here that I can try a full frame out. Thanks for your input..

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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    I would say, how many full frame lens do I currently have. You could sell some dx stuff off. You could also go into crop mode but that defeats the purpose of full frame. Have you factored in the weight? Glass and body combined. Used is also an option. What about a Z7II or wait for the Z9 to come out. What is your budget

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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    For wildlife photograph, you D7200 and D500 are tough to beat! The full frame camera really has it's use in portrait and landscape photography.
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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    As I see it, you loose the built-in 1.5x teleconverter to gain a whole lot more megapixels and better burst modes to capture action.

    Be mindful that a sensor with that much resolution will pretty much be wasted on inexpensive lenses that cannot deliver enough sharpness. I actually ran into that going from a D80, D7000, then currently a D750.
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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    Just a reminder you will want FX lenses for the D850.

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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    It is one hell of a camera though , And the 850 is so good it could replace the other 2 bodies you have. Relegate the 500 to second position and back up of the back ups is the 7200. Good pecking order.

    Good luck with the glass
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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    Thank you all for the responses. My main lenses are fx glass. I use sigma 150-600 C, Sigma 70-200 F2.8, Nikon 300mm af-s F4, Nikon 85mm F1.8 and rarely a couple dx lenses. The 1.5 crop factor would be missed sometimes for sure. For shooting birds the crop factor is really helpful. Lsrger wildlife requires much less cropping. Maybe I should look into better glass, but 600mm on the sigma 150-600mm is about as big as I can go... Thanks again for your input..

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    Re: Upgrade to D850?

    Has anyone here used a D850 with a Sigma 150-600mm C lens? is quality decent?

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