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    D850 Flash complications

    So my wife is doing a shoot at a corporate party tomorrow. In the past she has used a D300 and when that gave out we purchased a D7100. All worked well with a SB900 that would mount on its own tripod. Obviously she would use Commander Mode to communicate with the Flash not mounted on the Camera.

    I thought it would be great to get her another Flash so I purchased an SB700.

    Then we learned the horrible truth! There is no way for the D850 to communicate with any off camera flash! Who Knew? The excursion to Full Frame does come with surprises! So does anyone have any suggestions? I guess she can shoot with the flash on the camera... not ideal or revert to the D7100...

    She has two fixed lights as well...

    I purchased a Photixx Ares II but it will not arrive in time...

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    Re: D850 Flash complications

    I believe that you should be able to use the Commander settings of a flash mounted on the camera with other flashes. Dial the power down on the camera-mounted flash and hopefully, you can find a setting that works for your needs.
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    Re: D850 Flash complications

    If you have friends in your area, maybe you could borrow one for the day... This is what is nice about belonging to a local Photo Club. Forums are nice, but sometimes you need real people to solve your real problem.
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    Re: D850 Flash complications

    I use Phottix flash triggers, too. What about a flash sync cable? Maybe you can pick one of those up locally. I'm sure your wife doesn't want to shoot tethered to the flash, but it's an option.

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    Re: D850 Flash complications

    I'm late seeing this but I would go with what she is familiar with, D7100, so she doesn't run into unforeseen problems. The D7100 is a capable camera and one she knows how to use. Learning something new on a shoot is not a good idea in my book.
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    Re: D850 Flash complications

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    Re: D850 Flash complications

    Put the SB900 in the hot shoe.

    1) Set the SB700 is SU-4 mode, it will trigger when the SB900 triggers provided they have a line of sight to each other.
    2) Commader and slave mode, but again, one has to be on the hot shoe.
    3) you get compatible triggers.
    4) you purchase non Nikon brand compatible flashes, but you are still going to need triggers.

    Unfortunately, the day before a shoot isn't enough time to get familiar with new product and new solutions .
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    Re: D850 Flash complications

    I would suggest RF flash controllers, they are very useful and not expensive anymore. They are more flexible than the optical CLS, and with work with a wider variety of 3rd party flash. I have had very good results with the Yongnuo YN622N II and YN622n Tx master controller. Their newer flash units include wireless controllers and slave function built in. I have 6 of them now and never had a missed trigger.

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