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    Battery life D850


    I wonder, what is your battery life using the D850?
    It will be a big difference using the D850 on the street or in a studio.
    How big is the difference?
    Are there settings to use to get a longer battery life?
    I use my cam on the street, outside everywhere.
    Cipa tests from Nikon say 1850, I hoped to go for around 1000/1200x.
    But, as far as I know now, my battery life is still less as using my D750.
    With the original EN-EL15a I get around 750x with my D750Ö
    How far did you come with your D850 with original battery?

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    Re: Battery life D850


    quite some viewers, but no writers...
    Ain't that difficult question, I think..
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    Re: Battery life D850

    not too many D850 owners i would guess?

    i get 1600 on my D500 which doesn't help you.
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    Re: Battery life D850

    Quote Originally Posted by Ad B View Post

    quite some viewers, but no writers...
    Ain't that difficult question, I think..
    I donít have a D850, so no direct experience to share.

    My D500 does chow through the same battery faster than previous cameras did. I havenít noticed much difference between the 1st gen batteries, the ďnewĒ model that came with the D810/D500, or the 3rd party battery that got thrown in with one of my purchases. What has helped me is running a grip and using the D4 battery...gets me to where I donít worry about battery at all.

    Other than that, screen and Wi-Fi settings seem to be the most likely to help, from their default.

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    Re: Battery life D850

    Thank you,

    Sure it helps me, Roy…
    It gives me the idea how far I could get
    Maybe I’m playing too much with settings and so.
    And my battery life will get better as I get to know my D850.

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    Re: Battery life D850

    how is life of the D850 owners here?
    I mean battery life of course...
    There are a lot of D850 owners now, enjoying (like me) their cam.
    So now again, the question, how many clicks do you get with one original EN-EL15a battery?
    And what kind of photographer are you? Street, tourist, nature, studio?
    I mostly am a street, architecture, tourist photographer.
    I still can’t get the amount of pics as with one battery with my D750...
    It should be more, maybe much more.
    I have my D850 in “flight mode”.
    What more can I do?

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    Re: Battery life D850

    @Ad B I cannot speak specifically for the 850 but I know when I first got my D7200 it took several charging cycles on the batteries before i got the claimed life out of the batteries. It started around 250.

    The first batteries I blamed fiddling with the menu set up. But it still had a short life that slowly built over a few charges. Every battery I have bought since has done that to some degree or another, but not as much as the first two. Who knows maybe it has to do with an internal power supply that holds your settings when you change batteries. Maybe it needs charging too. That last part is just a swag...

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    Re: Battery life D850

    I can't give you a specific answer - I mainly shoot landscapes in LiveView, which, of course, eats batteries faster than using the optical viewfinder. Although I haven't done any specific tests, the D850 battery seems to me to last about as long as the battery on my D750.

    Al Gentile

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    Re: Battery life D850

    Al Gentile,

    do you know how any pics you make with one battery load, with your way of taking pics?
    With the original EN-EL15a battery, I mean.


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    Re: Battery life D850

    It's really a function of how 'sloppy' I get. If I don't turn off LiveView while I'm moving it around and recomposing (roughly, thru the viewfinder), then I'll get maybe 300 - 400 shots. If I get a little more careful and turn off LiveView between compositions, then maybe 500 - 600 shots. My sessions usually last something like 3-4 hours, and I usually don't have to change batteries (unless it's really cold).
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