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    D800 Purchase

    Hi, Just picked up a D800 USA in box with all accessories for $890 with 4501 clicks. Was this a good price for an 800 ..............

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    Re: D800 Purchase

    Amazon has 27 used examples listed, with a number of them in the $800 - $1000 range. Based on that, looks like you're in the going-rate ball park.

    (Just curious: you didn't check what they were going for before you shelled out that kind of money?)

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    Re: D800 Purchase

    I bought a D800 a couple weeks ago that was listed as "great condition" with about 50k clicks for $675. Sadly, the body was cracked and I didn't notice it in the pictures. It was easy to see once I received it and saw it in real life. Once I knew where to look, it was easy to see in the listing pictures too, but was listed as "great condition", so be careful when buying used gear. Also, this was from a seller with 100% feedback. I did end up doing the repairs to the body myself and am confident it will last til I replace it with another FX body in a few years (or sooner). I don't regret my purchase, but I did learn to be more cautious.

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    Re: D800 Purchase

    Yes, that is a good price especially with the low shutter count.
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