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    Re: D800 AF/ M Button Side of Camera

    Just as a follow-up and you all probably know this....in order to get the point options - d9, d21, d51, 3d - focus selection has to be AF-C - not AF-S. This does make sense.

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    Re: D800 AF/ M Button Side of Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Mode555 View Post
    Bingo. You hit nail on head. The Rokinon is not an autofocus lens. I put on my Tamron 24-70 which is an autofocus lens (currently don't own a Nikon AF lens although working on that) and all the settings show up. Thank you all! This was driving me crazy!
    Glad to hear this resolved your issue. There's a lot to learn with the various setting options so don't be afraid to ask. One time I tried out the 3D tracking - I aimed my lens at a moving stream. That little dot in the viewfinder repeatedly jumped all over! Well...at least I found out it works.

    Have fun and enjoy your D800.
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    Re: D800 AF/ M Button Side of Camera

    SuperMod: Interesting you say that. I have for years been shooting only in manual. I recently have become interested in another genre of photography whereby I am trying to focus on a moving object. Hence, trying to find AF-C. I'm sure I'll be heading to the forum a lot in trying to learn all about auto-focus. Didn't realize there was so much to it!

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