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    D80 and 50mm lens

    Hello all,

    I have used the D80 and 18-200mm for the longest time. After a long break I am back into photography and I just recently purchased the:
    1) 50mm f1.8 D, and
    2) 50mm f1.8 G (to test the difference between the 2 lenses)

    I am interested in the following type of photography and have a shoot coming up and my inspiration is the Sartorialist:

    1) What do I need to set my in-camera settings and what mode to get the type of images as above?
    2) What lens from the above list (D or G) would you recommend? I heard the G makes it 50mmx1.5 = 75mm?

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    Re: D80 and 50mm lens

    Hi and welcome to nikonites! I don't know much about your Nikon model, but I'm not sure if either of those lenses would work for what you want them to. But there are other members here who would know and I hope they get you the info you need.
    I hear that the 10-20 mm was good for wider shots like you are looking for, but I'm just not sure concerning your model Nikon.
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    Re: D80 and 50mm lens

    Aperture Priority at F5.6 should give good results....

    The focal length is the same with both....The G has been gelded of the aperture ring...
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    Re: D80 and 50mm lens

    I know it's your money, but i don't see the logic in buying the two lenses to test them out. There are so many comparison reviews on the net. Just to let you know, the G will be slightly better. On to the next part of your post: what you are looking at in those links IS NOT street photography. They are staged fashion shots in the street. Street photography is not staged, is not about fashion and is spur of the moment. It's about capturing a moment, life as it happens. With that being said, the only way you will get photos like that, is to have years of experience under your belt doing that kind of photography. No one here can give you a shopping list of settings that will automatically let you churn out photos like what you see in those links. Anyhow, that is my opinion.
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