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    Focus on low light

    Hi all,
    can someone help me remember which are the settings to help my d750 focus in low light situations? There is an af lamp on camera but also an af lamps on my flashhead. Do I recall correctly that doing AF-C will close those assisting lamps right? I find those illuminations to cause issues in wedding parties, especially the flashhead one.

    LEt me hear your views on the topic

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    Re: Focus on low light

    If you go to the Nikon download center https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.c.../175/D750.html and download the manual, on page 332 it gives the specifics of when the assist lamp will fire. You should also check your flash specific manual for any caveats. You can turn off the flash assist in the custom settings menu and not need to worry about it.
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