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One of the reasons I am not a fan of the U's for regular use. Too many sneaky little things have come back to haunt me. I keep a few 'just in case' settings in the U's and I don't use for any regular shooting.
I love them. I have one set for my backyard bird photography. I sit in the exact same spot in my garden every time & have worked out the best settings to use in that particular place, but have found the settings pretty close to what I need for macro also (both using flash) so instead of having to remember to change a heap of settings I only have to change the one, that being aperture.
Then I have one set for birding elsewhere. The system seems to work well for me so far

Stupid simple things though that frustrate. When I looked back through my shots it had been happening more that I'd noticed, so glad I fixed it. Now I have to remember that I probably have files of the same name in the archives

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