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    Re: D750 Non-Formatting and Non-Writing Issues - Slot 2

    SD sockets and cards are very fragile, which were never intended for critical applications. The fix is likely temporary so consider getting the socket replaced. Nikon service centers are not set up for surface mount component OC board repair so they will replace the next higher assembly which is a pc board with both sockets on it. SD does not have error correction like newer card systems so until it is replaced you will be better off using Slot 1 and not risking that small contact shifting again. Unless you are needing really large storage, risking that many files on very large carts is not worth the risk.

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    Re: D750 Non-Formatting and Non-Writing Issues - Slot 2

    Thank you for the reply, spb_stan. My 'fix' is very intermittent and I think I have further damaged the pins in trying to make it more permanent. Nikon has quoted a fix for just under $300 so at some point I will send this D750 body in for the full-on spa treatment with new SD slots and all. Until then, I will get by with the single slot.

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