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    D750 service bulletin

    So, I bought a D750 that fell into the service range number wise. I knew this going in, so it was not a surprise. I got a killer deal as it has less than 5k shutter clicks, and the guy I got it from was DEFINITELY not a videographer(left his sd card in, one 3 min vid and 180 pics). I bought the camera, took it back to the hotel and immediately started to play with it. Shot a few pics of the hotel interior and saw the banding in a few of the picuress. This was not the type of environment or conditions I had read about that created the situation. So I went outside a took a few jpegs in bright sunlight, lens hood on the 50mm 1.8g that came with it, and 2 of the three were obvious. All of this to say I knew Nikon would stand behind the product so I filled out the info online, boxed it up and sent it out before leaving Austin. I just received it back yesterday evening. Total turn around time was 2 weeks, I am super stoked to have it back so quickly. Learning curve is now kicking in, just getting it set up the way I like it. Coming from a magnificent camera, the D700, it will take a little while to get used to it. But first impressions, I love the weight, I can carry this thing all day! Great AF system, it seems really fast. looking forward to learning more here and sharing, thanks everybody.

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    Re: D750 service bulletin

    Enjoy, you have a great camera.
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    Re: D750 service bulletin

    Congrats on the great deal! It's so nice that Nikon took care of the issue for you and got it back to you so quickly too. Now get shooting and post some of your creativity
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    Re: D750 service bulletin

    Congratulations on a great camera choice! I bet you're going to love it.

    Stay sharp,
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