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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Thank you spb_stan. I have done all of that with no change in the result. Thanks for your suggestions anyway.

    Yesterday I took the camera to the local Nikon service centre. On quick examination they suspect a problem with the mother board. So now they will do a detailed examination and diagnosis which will take about a week. Then a repair will take another two to three weeks as parts will need to be imported from Singapore. All this puts my upcoming expedition at risk, I am due to depart in three weeks. I know I should have checked out the camera before now but it's only three years old and has not been used much. Let's hope it is not quite so drastic.

    Thanks everybody for your help and advice. It's now up to Nikon.

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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Nikon say they have to replace: "togo pcb unit, rear rubber unit" and it will cost normally $400 but discounted to $200 as this is a "local warranty" ! Not very good for a 3-year-old camera which has had only limited use.

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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Quote Originally Posted by John AR View Post
    Nikon say they have to replace: "togo pcb unit, rear rubber unit" and it will cost normally $400 but discounted to $200 as this is a "local warranty" ! Not very good for a 3-year-old camera which has had only limited use.
    The TOGO PCB is the camera's motherboard or, essentially, damn near everything electronic in the body; which is a lot. You could probably source a replacement for less than $100 but I'm guessing Nikon has decided (for whatever reason) not to charge you either for the part, or the labor.

    I'm curious what they mean by "local warranty", though... That's a new one on me.
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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Me too, didn't understand "local warranty" as the original warranty was only one year. The receptionist said that since the camera was purchased here it qualifies as a local and therefore gets discount on repairs. Thought she said 15% but turns out to be 50% (my poor translation). On the quotation it lists the parts as $250 and labour $150 then discounted. Also includes cleaning service. Just hope they can do it in time for my expedition.

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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Since it's under "local warranty", ask if they will give you a loaner if the repair isn't completed before your trip. Can't hurt.
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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Hi Marilynne, naturally I asked but they only give loaners to professionals and that I am not. I live in hope that they will come through in time.

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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    "EXhausted Battery"  indication
    I was a moderator for a large Nikon community and service questions came to me usually and more often than not, the reset, even if having to do it 10 times in a row was a remedy for long stored camera bodies. The main board is generally very reliable and it is rare that a general failure is encountered but since camera techs are not familiar with electronics, a common $0.01 part failing means the entire $200 board is replaced.
    I had an SB900 speedlight that failed and still under warranty. The warranty shop said it needed the main processor board and it would not be under warranty because it showed signs of being dropped. It hadn't been and was in pristine condition, only 3 months old. I took it back instead of paying the $360 estimate. I opened it up and found a 10ufd capacitor had shorted. I had many so replaced it and that was 10 years ago and it is still used daily. Basically it comes down to: if it is not found to be mechanical, all techs replace the largest assembly even if it is not the problem because there are few diagnostic tests they have available to find out what the problem cause really is. If you see a repair bill with parts list that includes many parts replaced to affect a repair you can tell they "shotgunned it" meaning kept replacing assemblies until it solved the problem.

    It is not really their fault, there are too many specialized skills and diagnostic equipment needed to really determine the true cause of modern electronics. I have a full electronics lab in my home and can hunt problems to the actual cause but don't have the mechanical jigs to solve camera hardware problems so I can see how as a business it is darned hard to match the technical skills required and the task value. Mechanical systems have the added issue of wear and tear so some parts that work but are out of tolerance should be replaced even if they showed no symptoms. Electronics does not have that issue.
    Here is a shot of my home lab in a spare bedroom here in my city center apartment in St Petersburg. I brought all this and more one piece at a time in my luggage from California every time I went home for a visit. Since this photo was taken 3 more pieces of test instruments have been added

    "EXhausted Battery"  indication-shop-bench1.jpg
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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Yes spb_stan, that was me 40 or more years ago. More easily done when most electronic stuff was discrete components, now with everything super-miniaturised and all on one tiny board, the only economic way is to replace the whole board. Almost everything these days has a "mother" board and swapping that out is the first line of defence.
    Still no word on my D7200 yet and we have two long holiday weekends in a row so I'm still sweating out the wait.

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    Re: "EXhausted Battery" indication

    Good news, got my D7200 back today with new MB, cleaned and working perfectly and proved that my batteries and SD cards were not the cause of the problem (they couldn't tell me what actually caused the problem). All is well and the return is in good time for my upcoming expedition. Cost $200 exactly as quoted.
    Many thanks to everybody who helped and sympathised with my problem.
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