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    Live View aperture

    Hi every one. Would someone please explain to me why I can't adjust the aperture in Live View on my D7200. I've read it can't be done. Does this mean I take a shot, view it on my camera screen, make any relevant aperture changes then open Live View and re shoot? Or can I play with exposure compensation in Live View? When using LV and exposure compensation, I can see my composition getting lighter or darker on my camera screen. Shutter speed changes. The aperture setting is more important to me than shutter speed. Have I just answered my own question? Any comments would be welcome.......Russ

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    Re: Live View aperture

    You may have answered your own question. First some basics. Nikon apertures are wide open. When you fire the shutter, it closes down to its set position and the mirror swings up out of the way. Those are physical mechanical motions.

    When you switch ON live view, it closes the aperture to whatever position the camera is set for and lifts the mirror. <--again, that's a mechanical motion. If you subsequently change the aperture setting, the aperture doesn't physically move again until the shutter assembly fires... hence, even though you're closing/opening the aperture setting you're NOT seeing any change.

    During all this, if you change the Exposure Compensation, there is a change because what you're doing there is changing the bias of the sensor and the linked brightness of the LCD display. That's NOT a physical mechanical function so you actually SEE a difference...

    Hope this helps...
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    Re: Live View aperture

    Thanks for your speedy reply Fred. I have to house sit this w/e so I will experiment. Your post makes a lot of sense to me. Something I wasn't aware of. Thanks again Fred and take care. Regards......Russ

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