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    Re: AF-S single point

    Actually, he is the Bassist, Chuck Panozzo......the Panozzo brothers. My father's step brother.....same mom.

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    Re: AF-S single point

    Quote Originally Posted by jguidici View Post
    I have a D7200. If I select AF-S single point, and in the menu I have AF-S Priority selection set to "focus", I cannot get the camera to take the shot in any mode except "Auto". I found that if I change to AF-S "Auto" from "Single Point" it works, or if I change to "Release" priority it will work. Why is that? What are the right settings to use for AF-S Single point?
    When set to focus priority the shutter will only work when the subject is in perfect focus and when in release priority the shutter will work weather the subject is in focus or not.
    If you are in focus priority and move slightly after focus has locked the shutter will not work as the subject will be out of focus.

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