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    Re: Question.........

    My d7200 runs toward the tight side. Noticeable with most lenses but not real concerning. Except with my old 50mm D lens. It was tight to the point that I thought there must be tiny bits of metal powder being produced with every twist. I cleaned everything with foam swabs very slightly moistened with alcohol. Not enough to drip. Cleaned all my lenses that were tight and the camera mount. I did get some gray residue on the swab at first. I mounted, dismounted and cleaned it several times. This helped a lot.

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    I must have a really good camera.

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    Re: Question.........

    My Nikon 16-85 is noticeably tighter to mount on my D7100 than all my other lenses. Just on the tighter side of the tolerance specs I have put it down to.
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    Re: Question.........

    The kit lenses usually have plastic mounts and are almost always looser than the metal mount lenses. D series lenses of mine are tight on all my cameras whereas G lenses are pretty smooth mounting, whereas my old 18-105 is loose fitting. My 50D, 85 1.4D and 135 DC 2.0 lenses are all very snug on my cameras. All the AF-S G lenses are reasonably tight but much less so than the D lenses.
    How is the dust getting in. Where do you notice it? If it accumulates even when not changing lenses often there could be a problem such as bent mounting flange or premature shutter wear. Do your lenses have the rubber moisture barrier seal on the mount(pro lenses usually have it)?
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    Re: Question.........

    send off an e-mail to Nikon.
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    IT IS A TRAP!!

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    Re: Question.........

    As far as the dust issue, have your camera body face down when changing lens, this will help keep dust awat from the light box elements. Blowing dust away from the rear/front dust caps occasionally also helps.
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