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    Re: D7000 f-- blinking

    Quote Originally Posted by buicktyper View Post
    Hey guys i have my camera blinking F-- i tried 3 different lenses same issue. When i set to manual i hear shutter working but pictures are very dark. I dont recall dropping ever. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure not the first nor the last with this issue.
    The "F--" error is a communication error between the camera and lens CPU.

    We know you are getting the error on a D7000, but let's not forget the other half of the error. Please tell us exactly which 3 lenses you are getting this error on. The D7000 is not universally compatible with every vintage lens, in fact AF-P series lenses are mentioned in the user manual as being incompatible.

    Something to check out here... https://www.stellarinfo.com/article/nikon-dslr-error-code-messages-and-fixes.php#error2

    As I read that I was reminded about making certain you are dialed in to "A" or "M" mode to use some vintage lenses (as in Ai series). There are also some manual lenses that need to be modified with a feeler lever to work on newer SLR bodies so they can detect the f-stop setting.

    1 more thing...in M mode if the photos are too dark, switch to slower shutter speed and/or higher ISO. The camera is depending on you to calculate the correct exposure in Manual mode.

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