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    White Balance Query

    Guys, I feel the white balance of especially the skin tones are too warm in this camera. Even if I adjust the overall white balance of the whole picture in Raw, the skin tones I feel, are still warm. Please share your thoughts.

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    Re: White Balance Query

    Have you got an example you can post? Is your pc screen colour calibrated?
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    Re: White Balance Query

    Do you have a filter on the lens? Do you have one of the scene modes on, not sure if it matters with RAW, I am still learning. Picture control settings? Just some thoughts.

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    Re: White Balance Query

    Maybe the saturation of the skin tone could be decrease and the hue increase to correct. Your PP software may have a setting for adjusting skin tones.

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    Re: White Balance Query

    What PP software are you using?
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    Re: White Balance Query

    @Clickr it would be good to know what software you are using to post-process with. There are color profiles for your D7000 available from Adobe that can be used in other software also, like RawTherapee. I also like to use the sample tool and click on a white object in a photo to get my white-balance starting point. Usually that will be good enough.

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