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It's very difficult if not impossible to determine what your problem could be from the info you've given us. But sometimes the camera will make different folders on the SD card and maybe, just maybe, you are not copying all the folders???
Or maybe you leave the copy process before it's finished?
One more thing (not sure about this one) is to let the computer erase the picture after the download. This should be avoided at all cost until you have verified that all the images were indeed copied.

If you save raw files on one card and jpegs on the other, maybe you could go back and get the jpegs from the card unless they were erased after the download process.

Having written this, I NEVER connected my camera to the computer. I've always used a card reader, removed the card from the camera and then manually copied the files to the computer. ONLY after verifying that all the images were properly copied, I will then re-format the card IN THE CAMERA using Nikon's menu to format. So far, I've never lost an image using this method. I guess it's too late for the images that you lost, but if using a different method can prevent you from loosing some more, then it would be worth it to get a card reader.

Best of luck with your upcoming trip.

Enjoy your Nikon.
Thank you so very much for your valuable suggestions I will use a card reader...

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