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    Talking Still happy with my D7000

    Been noticing that the D7000 section has been slowing down. Probably due to the age of the camera and all the new models. So I thought would just do a post to say that I'm still happy with mine. Now would a newer model be nice? Of course it would but my D7000 still takes very good pictures; I'm familiar with how to use it; and it's paid for.

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    Re: Still happy with my D7000

    Your pictures would be $3,000 better with a new D850.

    No, maybe $300 better.
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    Re: Still happy with my D7000

    Yeah, the D7000 is a lot of camera. Just keep shootin'
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    Re: Still happy with my D7000

    i could work mine in my sleep, only complaint i had was the iso above 500, which was no biggie. My son is using it now and again.
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    Re: Still happy with my D7000

    Well, l just swapped my D300 with 192,000 clicks for a D7000 with 27,000 clicks, a cheap Neewer flash and a battery grip, straight up and l love it so far....and l LOVED my D300.
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    Re: Still happy with my D7000

    High ISO is craved by a lot of people but few realize how low the signal to noise ration became when cranking it up. A D7000 at ISO 500 has the same DR as a D850 shot at ISO 1200.
    I still shoot with my D7000 and it shares time with my D800 at events, with a 70-200 2.8 on the Dx D7000 and a wider angle 2.8 zooms on the D800. All the cameras within the last 10 years have almost interchangeable DR from the 3x00 series to D850. What has improved a lot is the image processors.
    The ONLY thing that bugs me about the D7000 is the zoom button is on the left side buttons when all other Nikons use the center-most button for the zoom in. The AF is not fast but it is sure, the servo really locks on. It does not track as well as newer cameras but locking on to still subjects is sure and always nails it with no hunting. In that respect, it is better than the D800 or 810. The D850 AF is in another league.

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    Re: Still happy with my D7000

    Still happy with my D7000
    Its a while ago now but i had the D7000 with the Sigma 120-400

    Still happy with my D7000-nikon-d7000-sigma-120-400_.jpg


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