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    RAW file processing for D7000

    Would someone please direct me to an article or book to help teach me how to evaluate and process RAW files for the D7000? Also, are there advantages to using Photoshop (does the version matter - I have version 6.0), or is more/better processing available with standalone RAW file processing software (which software)?

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    Re: RAW file processing for D7000

    I'm sure there are people here with much more insight than me, but I use Lightroom and I shoot RAW. I have no need to make massive alterations to a photograph. Maybe one day I will and I'll invest in CS5. Lightroom does everything I need in the way of adjusting lighting or color and cropping. It also has a simple healing brush and Red Eye removal. The nice thing about Lightroom is that it does NOT alter the orginal file. All changes to an image are stored in the Catalog and not the image itself. It is also easy to open an image in Photoshop format from Lightroom. I hope this helps a little.

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